Tonight Gleason gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin

Unlike Normal that tried to hide Pam Reece’s raise on the Omnibus Agenda, Bloomington has Tim Gleason’s as the only item on the Regular Agenda:

See the entire agenda here – should be a short meeting:

Still no report on the $750,000 downtown study last August that was projected to take a year.

Now some good news – $1,688 profit:

This is a list of all 2023 events that have taken place at the BCPA:

There are 25 events listed.

Only 5 event reports are reported:

The BCPA needs to do better with the upcoming events:

Check out the shows, some look good.

4 thoughts on “Tonight Gleason gets a raise

  1. If Gleason needs 6 weeks of vacation or one & one half months, Does Bloomington really need a city Manager? Does anyone notice if he is on vacation or at work? Does the city run well for 10.5 months of the year while not working well for 1.5 months?

  2. In addition to two assistants and a raise, the O’neal pool is still incomplete, the mcGraw Fountain is still not operable, the roads are a disaster, and there has been no support for police-community relations, according to the aclu.

  3. In the real business world where I come from your pay starts low and with good performance you get pay raises and with the years that you put in you get more weeks vacation for example after 25 years you would get 6 weeks of vacation. There were no assistant managers.
    In the public govt paid sector you start you job getting paid high and your raises are even higher, 5 years and you get 6 weeks of vacation? Plus you get assistant managers.
    And you wonder why our taxes are out of this world voting is not working I would say that we are overdue for an all out revolt!!!!

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