Letter to the Editor that wasn’t acknowledged or printed

See if you can figure out why:

The author is Carl Hinshaw.

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor that wasn’t acknowledged or printed

  1. The Pantacrat won’t print something that highlights the reason for mass-flight from Illinois, their customer base is already dwindling to nothing.

  2. But they offer online that’s all I’ve heard for 2mos and you have emails availability! Why am I paying for paper delivery which they have missed 14days the past 43days OK we will Lower your rate to 30mo but won’t guarantee your paper will be delivered! The bitch department for nondelivery is not taking calls on Saturday and Sunday! Oh we are so sorry you did not receive your paper we will contact the district whatever. It will be delivered by 11:am the next day!🤬🤬😡

  3. The tax laws have become so difficult to challenge, that most people just pay what is demanded. Some of my property has been adjusted upward of 24% in four years. Our representatives are elected by pac fund money, and spend spend spend.
    I feal bad for my grandchildren, but they fail to see the problem.

  4. As long as they all keep getting fat checks and benefits and raises and can say they are implementing the new beat thing – even of its exploiting citizens & crap will never change

    universities and shady nepotistic $ and deals run the county (McLean anyway)
    Taxation with bad justification is the establishment way (good luck getting any real answers on tax bills from county or local (authorities) Just cause its legal does not mean its right or done right – Especially in Illinois

    For The Good
    Safety- Security

    At least this citizen spoke up – typical local paper shenanigans to not publish it

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