Schools aren’t parents

By: Diane Benjamin

We know the District 87 teacher’s union told teachers they aren’t allowed to discuss gender identity with parents unless the child gives written approval.

I bet other public schools are the same.


Kids do not belong to you. You aren’t the village raising them. You aren’t allowed to parent kids. Your job is educating them for the future, not seperating kids from their parents. By the way, you are doing a lousy job.

Schools are doing what every authoritarian wannabe in history had done to overthrow government: Capture the Children. Indoctrinate them to hate their parents.

Had enough yet parents?

We know where the real insurrection is taking place.

15 thoughts on “Schools aren’t parents

  1. Definitely 100% schools are NOT parents! But that said, a separate long standing issue is teachers are also not babysitters. For a long time parents have failed their kids…..not all but a significant part of our society has let the youth down. As fatherless families increased and welfare dependency increased their kids were especially neglected. Most parents, to a large degree, gave up their involvement quite a while ago and see what happened! Create a void and it will be filled.

  2. Unfortunately, one of the many objectives of marxist indoctrination centers formerly referred to as public schools is to become defacto parents. Feed, clothe, keep secrets from parents, lie about climate change, indoctrinate, brainwash, gender ideology, etc. Sadly, many children who do not have a strong support system at home are susceptible to this manipulation. However, they are all susceptible, make no mistake about it. Another particularly vulnerable group are those children on the autism spectrum. GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS IF YOU HAVE ANY HOPE OF SAVING THEM.

  3. Basically the schools are officially ending the parent-school relationship which on the whole will be devastating to student’s achievement. Some parents could care less but for those that do, they should just get use to the fact that an anit-parent approach will continue to degrade schooling in America from an already dismal level.

  4. Time for parents to take their children back! The only way to do this is start at the school board. VOTE THEM OUT!

    1. It’s hard to vote them out when the conservative candidates committed political suicide by running on a platform of “remote learning.”

        1. ..a distinction without a difference. E learning was incredibly unpopular during Covid, and it was the conservatives’ big chance to point to the incumbents and the union and say “Look! Here! These are the people that kept the schools remote when most of the other districts were open! Vote them out! “. By going with the e learning idea, they squandered that chance. Those candidates were great otherwise, but the e learning thing blew it.

          Conservatives will get rolled until we figure out messaging and how not to step on land mines.

  5. The lockdown had obvious impacts to students. Parents were forced to see what their kids were doing in school. What the teachers were teaching! The opportunity was there to be hands on. Unfortunately, many parents leave raising their kids to schools. Instead of making sure students are on track with their peers, they are pushed along to the next grade.Sometimes this is the fault of the parents. They don’t want their kids held back. It’s a vicious cycle. Teachers don’t get enough support and struggle to keep up with the paperwork involved with a class of 25.

    1. One fortunate impact the lockdown had was parents that cared enough to be interested in what their kid was being taught SAW the subtle indoctrination being first hand. The only good thing brought on by the lockdown was that some parents are standing up and calling out the union and teachers that are poisoning young minds.

  6. As a graduate of Unit 5 and a parent of a graduate it boils my blood to see what a disaster Unit 5 has become. Unit 5 was once the gold standard of education now it’s nothing but a failure!

      1. EXACTLY!! Stop with the outrageous school taxes…..let parents decide where to send their kids… choice and vouchers. Give religious schools and schools geared to the brightest money instead of it all going to the unionized public indoctrination system.

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