Bloomington hits the accelerator on entertainment

By: Diane Benjamin

Where are the Event Reports for Coliseum events? Anybody have a problem with government entertainment? Instead of capitalism determining what people want, tax dollars are used to promote what government employees want.

No event reports other than ISU hockey have been posted since September on the City website:

There was a big concert at the end of September, no report.

Meanwhile the City announced the hiring of 2 people in the Art and Entertainment Department, one is another Decatur hire:

The City has been writing some BIG checks, Megadeth is the September show without a report. Did that show really cost $145,000?

Update to the BCPA show That’s What She Said in this story:

An Artist Fee did show up after that story:

Instead of a profit of $10,518.48, it should be $5,981.60.

One thought on “Bloomington hits the accelerator on entertainment

  1. They can spend thousands on entertainment yet nothing on streets and infrastructure? Just remember that when elections come up again ! If the people of bloomington could see these numbers the city of bloomington city manager and council would be in unemployment line. Then again ,probably not.

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