Letter to the Editor that WILL be printed in Georgia – Rivian

Citizens where Rivian wants to build a plant in Georgia are still fighting to stop it. Similar to Goshen in Illinois, it seems if government wants something they will do it regardless of what the people affected think. No2Rivian is the name of the group opposing construction.

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor that WILL be printed in Georgia – Rivian

  1. Zoning regulations are a joke. They can be (and frequently are) changed by the government anytime they choose. Yet private citizens are bound by them. They create an illusion of stability for people in the area, but actually provide none. Remain skeptical, fellow citizens!

  2. Government makes the rules so they can change them anytime they want! Citizens elect the government so it’s up to them to change the government. People of Georgia need to understand that. Rivian is sinking right along with the economy and Georgians best step up before it’s too late. Normal citizens had no choice in Rivian. King Koos and his minions brought them in and Normal citizens see first hand the sinking. Rivian is losing money on every vehicle. How many Rivian vehicles are sitting on dealers lots unsold? That in itself is proof enough why Georgia citizens best keep Rivian out.

    1. Zero Rivian vehicles sitting on dealers lots. Rivian sells direct to customers and doesn’t sell through dealers.

        1. Someone from here must have stopped at a service center in Tennessee and was mistaken that it was a dealership…
          From the Rivian website:
          Does Rivian have dealerships?
          Rivian uses a direct-to-consumer sales model. This means you can custom-build your vehicle and receive it directly from Rivian.

            1. Especially if it’s something positive about Rivian. If an award is ever given to the scam artist/con man of the century, RJ Scaringe will be in the running, it could come down to him and Sam Bankman Fried for top “honors”.

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