The Brady Bunch

Dollars for leaders

Of the 177 Illinois state legislators, 136 receive some type of salary boost for a leadership post, which will cost taxpayers an additional $1.7 million this year. Annual salaries for all 177 is $64,

Both Dan Brady and Bill Brady receive extra money for their leaderships rolls:

Dan   $9,851

Total  $  74,567

Bill  $18,880

Total  $83,596

According to the  Comptroller’s Ledger salary database, the actual salaries paid in 2011:
Bill Brady: 83,596.13
Dan Brady: 81,953.40

No word on what the difference was for Dan.

76% of legislators receive additional pay for party leadership, committee leadership, etc.  Where is the line between:

  • That’s your job   and  Overtime

Kristina Rasmussen, executive vice president of the Illinois Policy Institute, believes all the stipends should be scrutinized. The nonprofit government accountability organization has done studies on legislative salaries and benefits, she said.

“When legislators are paid so well that they don’t need outside employment they tend to become isolated from the real-world economic climate,” Rasmussen said. “You wonder if it’s the public who are actually serving the legislators.”

Not bad for a part-time job.

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4 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch

  1. At least Dan Brady works for constituents and listens to the people, Bill Brady on the other hand is just a para-socialite that just uses politics to prop up his ego.

    1. Name one thing Dan Brady voted for or brought to the floor to help constituents. Isn’t he only in office because people think he’s a nice guy that shows up everywhere? How many terms does that deserve?

  2. We should be paying for results NOT nice guys who run around having their picture taken all the time. While I appreciate Dan informing me of road construction, I can find that out on my own. I can’t think of anything Dan has ever brought to to the party and it’s about time the good ol boy network be busted up. We sure haven’t had in the past nor are we currently getting any ROI and the death rattle of our state is in it’s final gasp!

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