Town of Normal – questionable purchase

by Diane Benjamin

I previously reported on the purchase of a house at 900 South Linden:  According to the Town Council Action Report dated 11/1/2007, this property was purchased to enlarge Underwood Park and provide access to Constitution Trail. The purpose has now been changed.  Instead of tearing the house down, Normal has plans to spend over $2 million dollars on the property.  They want to create an environmental showcase to teach residents how to update their own houses.  This is the continuation of the fight against the non-existent global warming which is apparent in every new building in Uptown Normal. See the links below if you missed them.

The parcel number of this property recorded with the McLean County Assessor’s Office is: 14-34-101-014

The Town Council Action Report states the Fair Market Value of the property was $755,000.  The Town negotiated with the seller’s for a price of $725,000.

Research on the Assessor’s website reveals the assessed value of the property for tax purposes in 2007 was $480,225.

This means one of 2 things:

1)  The property was severely under assessed and the former owners paid far less in property taxes than they should have.

2) The Town of Normal appraisal did not reflect the actual value of the property.  A copy of the appraisal was not included with the Freedom of Information Act request.

Either way, it shows how well government works for the people.   Lack of a strong watchdog media that has protected taxpayers in the past obviously no longer exists. When government is not answerable to the people, the people lose.


The climate change and global warming myth:

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