Gun Control – Commentary

by:  Diane Benjamin

The recent horror at Sandy Hook Elementary is bringing back talk of banning guns. People who say a gun is the best defense against a gun aren’t well received by people wanting to ban them.  If you have never shot a gun, I understand the apprehension.  If you have been trained in gun safety and own a gun, you realize  the last situation you want to be is somebody shooting at you and you are unarmed.

On 9/10/2001 the last thing any of us would have believed was 19 guys would hijack 4 planes the next day and fly 3 of them into buildings.  Do you believe our enemies weren’t watching what happened at Sandy Hook?  An entire nation was brought to it’s knees by one lunatic   Imagine the horror 19 guys would create by attacking 19 schools across the country – all at the same time.  Except for private schools, like the one the President’s children attend (, most might as well have a sign on the door: “Nobody here is armed”.

Since it has been shown criminals target places where guns are banned ( , schools are an obvious easy target for mass causalities. The hypocrisy of the President and members of the media who send their kids to the same school is astounding.  Their children are considered more important than yours.

Teachers all over the country are attending firearms training.  A gun in the hands of a trained professional is the best protection your children will get.  Columbine had armed security guards, but they could not get to the shooters.  Armed teachers would have given the victims a chance.

If guns are banned, only criminals will have guns.  They aren’t going to obey the laws or turn guns in for cash. The size of the clip doesn’t matter because clips can be changed in seconds.  The real problem is mental illness, and nobody is addressing that angle.

At the very least, every school in America should have a large sign posted:  “Armed personal on duty during school hours”.  True or not, shooters will reconsider the school as a target.

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