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Scott Lauglin just announced we have laws about printing money.  Government is restricted by law, according to Laughlin.  I guess he didn’t hear we aren’t on the GOLD standard anymore.  We haven’t been since NIXON!  The Federal Reserve is printing over $40,000,000,000 a MONTH to keep the Feds in dough.  Worse yet, Colleen Reynolds didn’t correct him.

Where news comes from matters.  If these two don’t know why the value of the dollar is racing to ZERO, why do you listen?  They have no clue that much of the world is trying to get rid of the dollar as the international currency!?!

No wonder Low Information voters reelected Obama.  If the media isn’t informed, how can the voters be?


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  1. The value of the dollar has decreased by more than ten percent during the Obama era. The only thing propping up the dollar is that the international oil trade is in US dollars.

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