One teacher’s response to the NEA propaganda

Subject: Fw: NEA Education Insider: No More Gun Violence!

Here is my response to the NEA.  I am sooooo pissed off.

Perhaps the NEA should be asking its members to teach history and the reason that our Constitution provides us the right to bear arms.  The NRA is not some lobby group.  It is an organization that represents over 80 million gun owners that are sane and rational.  Many of us believe that the government is out of control and cannot be trusted.  We could take a look at our government’s track record, but I want to keep this short.


I am very angry that the NEA has taken a position on this issue.  The fact that my dues is supporting this makes me ill.  I am a 27 year veteran teacher, a husband and a father of 2 school age children.  I want my kids protected by armed and trained security, just like our clueless President.  In fact, if asked, I will volunteer to carry a weapon to protect my students.  


I am growing tired of the NEA acting as a political arm of the Democratic Party.  You are going to start losing members.  The NEA has supported too many failed liberal policies that are driving this nation into the ground.  We, as educators, are seeing the terrible results of 40 years of failed liberalism.  

In the future, please try to promote the lessons from History.  I resent using my dues to promote another agenda from the left.

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