Tell Bill Brady he HAD his chance!

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by:  Diane Benjamin

In an interview this morning on Cities 92.9, Bill Brady claimed thousands of people want him to run again for governor.

Dear Bill,

In 2010, the GOP took over large parts of the country and the US House because of grass-root activists.  We saw the destruction of the country caused by President Obama and Democrats and worked to stop it.  In Illinois, we elected 5 representatives to the House.  Many states elected GOP governors, the Democrats were left wondering what happened!  In Illinois:


You ran the worst campaign possible, often ignoring conservatives.  You probably assumed they would vote for you.  Wrong.  The grassroots have had enough of RINO Republicans who vote for legislation like the Illinois Dream Act just to pander.  Your excuse at the time was “It won’t cost Illinois any money”.  You are extremely naive.  Illinois doesn’t need a leader who “Votes by Accident”. (  We don’t need a governor who voted to give driver’s licenses to illegals either. ( Did you ever investigate what happened in other states when they passed the same law?  More pandering.

You have been part of the problem for almost 19 years!  Illinois is 2nd in people leaving, we have the worse bond rating in the country, 3 of the Forbes top 10 worse cities in county are in Illinois, $9 billion of bills are unpaid, pensions are destroying the state, and this is the short list of things happening under your watch.

Enough already.  Illinois needs a Scott Walker, not an Elmer Fudd.  Save the humiliation and don’t run again!

How about thousands of people give you the same message.  Contact the Senator here:

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