Dick Durbin propaganda with Media help (Update)

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by:  Diane Benjamin

Durbin was interviewed this morning on local radio.  The discussion was sequestration.  He eluded to the local airport being affected by cuts. According to Durbin, air traffic controllers at smaller airports may be lost.  He even managed to throw in a jab at Reagan for firing all the controllers.  Durbin stated that was 30 years ago and now they are all retiring.  Funds may not be available to hire replacements.  I guess they were all the same age when Reagan hired them.

The interviewer played along, not asking any serious questions.  They lamented that the election changed nothing, Durbin alluding to the obstructionist House.  He was not as blatant as in the past, maybe he is starting to realize they are losing the spending debate.

The worst part was the lack of information on the host’s part.  Sequester is nothing more than a cut to the increase – not actual cuts.

Rudy Rudy Giuliani gave a great example:  Your bosses promises you a $10,000 raise.  Later he changes it to $7000.

Yes, it’s not fun, but you aren’t being cut anything.  Politicians count on the people being too stupid to understand.  The media plays right into their hands.

Note:  The radio station was not Cities 92.9!


The Democrats are still trying to spin to avoid cuts to any spending.  They sent this email this morning:


If Republicans in Congress don’t act by tomorrow to stop the so-called sequester, there will be far-reaching negative effects on our economy.

They need to hear from you today.

It’s up to us to do everything we can to make sure these Republicans know that their constituents overwhelmingly support the President’s balanced plan and demand that they avoid this fiscal crisis.

As someone who has a Republican congressperson, your voice is crucial.

Call Rep. Aaron Schock at 202-225-6201 and demand an end to the sequester.

Here’s a sample script:

Hi, my name is xxxxxxx, and I’m from xxxxx. I’m calling to tell Rep. Schock that I support the President’s balanced plan to avoid the sequester, and I want Rep. Schock to vote in favor of the President’s plan. Can I count on Rep. Schock’s vote?

After you make your call, click below to let us know how it went:


Thanks for taking action,


Patrick Gaspard
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Feel free to click on the link and report:  The President got his tax increases, time for CUTS!

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  1. Just a point of clarification, even though most of you may already know it. THIS INTERVIEW WAS NOT on Cities 92.9 FM, (cities929.com) which has surpassed “some other” news talk station in the Twin Cities in ratings this past year (except for women over 60…dang it)

        1. I added it AFTER your post! I really hate it I was too politically correct to just state the culprit! That has to be a first for me. Must need sleep.

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