Are Mandates why the kids aren’t learning?

Complete list of mandates:

The school district teaches character education, which includes teaching of respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship in order to raise pupil’s standard of good character.

Family Life.  If any school district provides courses of instruction designed to promote wholesome and comprehensive understanding of the emotional, psychological, physiological, hygienic and social responsibility aspects of family life, then such courses of instruction shall include the teaching of the alternatives to abortion, appropriate to the various grade levels; and whenever such courses of instruction are provided in any of grades 6 through 12, then such courses also shall include instruction on the prevention, transmission and spread of AIDS. However, no pupil shall be required to take or participate in any family life class or course on AIDS instruction if his parent or guardian submits written objection thereto, and
refusal to take or participate in such course or program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of such pupil.

Safety Education, grades 1-8 equivalent to one class per week is offered

Violence prevention and conflict resolution education. School districts shall provide instruction in violence prevention and conflict resolution education for grades 4 through 12 and may include such instruction in the courses of study regularly taught therein. School districts may give regular school credit for satisfactory completion by the student of such courses

Required instruction. In every public school there shall be instruction, study and discussion of effective methods by which pupils may recognize the danger of and avoid abduction, and in every public school maintaining any of grades kindergarten through 8 there shall be, for such grades, instruction, study, and discussion of effective methods for the prevention and avoidance of drug and substance abuse.  School boards may include such required instruction, study and discussion in the courses of study regularly taught in the public schools of their respective districts; provided, however, that such instruction shall be given each year to all pupils in grades kindergarten through 8

Internet Safety Education. The district provides in grades 3 through 12, yearly instruction on Internet safety. Each school board must determine the scope and duration of the unit of instruction and this instruction may be integrated into the existing curriculum

The school provides the driver education course to all eligible students that reside within the district (whether enrolled in the school or not) between the ages of 15 and 21 who request such course.

Arbor and bird day: The last Friday in April is designated as “Arbor and Bird Day,” to be observed throughout the State as a day for planting trees, shrubs and vines about public grounds, and as a day on which to hold appropriate exercises in the public schools and elsewhere tending to show the value of trees and birds and the necessity for their protection

In every public school there shall be instruction, study and discussion of current problems and needs in the conservation of natural resources, including but not limited to air pollution, water pollution, waste reduction and recycling, the effects of excessive use of pesticides, preservation of wilderness areas, forest management, protection of wildlife and humane care of domestic animals

Leif Erickson Day: October 9, if a school day, otherwise the school day nearest such date, is designated as Leif Erikson Day. On such day one half hour may be devoted in the schools to instruction and appropriate exercises relative to and in commemoration of the life and history of Leif Erickson and the principles and ideals he fostered

“Just Say No” Day. May 15, 1987, and in each calendar year thereafter, a school day in May designated by official proclamation of the Governor, shall be known as “Just Say No” Day, to be observed throughout the State as a day on which children and teenagers declare and reaffirm their commitment to living a life free of drugs and alcohol abuse, and as a day on which to hold and participate in appropriate special programs, ceremonies and exercises, in the public schools and elsewhere, tending to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle, aware and free of the
dangers of using drugs and alcohol abuse

Outdoor education. To offer, if deemed appropriate, outdoor education, and to use school funds for the expenses of the outdoor education program, within the State of Illinois, or adjacent States, whether within the school district or not, including the purchase or renting of facilities either individually or jointly with any other school district or districts.

As a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma, each pupil entering the 9th grade in the 2006-2007 school year must, in addition to other course requirements, successfully complete all of the following courses: three years of language arts; three years of mathematics; and one year of science.

Pupils in the public schools in grades 9 through 12 shall be taught and be required to study courses which include instruction in the area of consumer education, including but not necessarily limited to the basic concepts of financial literacy.

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