Chamber of Commerce membership list

by:  Diane Benjamin

Businesses join the Chamber of Commerce because they think they need to.   The Chamber is promoting propaganda that has nothing to do American values of free market capitalism and limited government.  Small businesses pay them around $250 a year to be members.  These businesses are unwittingly funding this anti-American propaganda.  They need to be informed about what they are funding!

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Want more proof?  The Chamber of Commerce is supporting the 1% Sales Tax hike.  They are holding a “forum”, it’s funny the event only has supporters speaking:

Link to their membership list:

New members:

The Olive Bin
Top Notch Event Planning
Securitas Security Services
Apricot Lane
Central IL Admins (CIA)
Right For Safety LLC
Jack Bataoel Real Estate Group
Eichenauer Services, Inc.
Brown’s Chicken
Hometown Hearing and Audiology
A-1 Haney Plumbing
Apex Systems
Whitwood Construction
Student Apartment Mart, Inc.
Kroger Store #347 (College Ave.)
Maxwire, Inc.
Twin City Energy Services, Inc.
Flooring Depot
Illinois Valley Business Equipment, Inc.




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