The Chamber of Commerce is now the enemy!

by:  Diane Benjamin

The national and local Chamber of Commerce is now the enemy of the American people.  They are pouring money into politics to get immigration reform – they want cheap labor.  More unskilled workers taking jobs will hurt American workers trying to break into the workforce.  They don’t care about the little people.  They are pro-big business and pro-government spending in the hopes of increasing economic development.

The Chamber is pouring even more money into politics to keep the big spenders in elected office.  They are campaigning to get TEA Party type candidates defeated.  Limited government and fiscal responsible are now alien concepts, but they will fail.  Any American with a brain knows the out of control spending by government is generational THEFT! Government is stealing from the next generation and every generation after them.

If somebody broke into your house and STOLE your belongings, wouldn’t you call them the ENEMY?

Bloomington:  The local Chamber of Commerce is now campaigning for Modified Wards.  Why?  They want more spending!  They want local governments to spend so jobs can be created.  The Chamber thinks government knows how to spend your money better than you do.  This insures higher taxes, it insures “Uptown” Bloomington and any other spending plan local governments and the Chamber want.  They will hand-pick like-minded candidates and give them a ton of money.  It also insures your rights to what you earn will be over.  Think Detroit – Bloomington’s future if these people aren’t stopped.

Want proof of their tyranny?  The local Chamber of Commerce sent a survey to their members, and not just the ones in Bloomington.  Most people would think the citizens of Bloomington should decide the issue, but not the Chamber.  They sent the survey to all members, no matter where the business is located.

Here’s the survey – see anything funny about it?

The answers are pre-filled!

They aren’t conducting a survey – they are telling their members what to think.  If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, your dues are paying for their indoctrination.  The only way to send them a message is to drop your membership today.

The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent what made America great.  They are not for free enterprise and pure capitalism.   The Chamber of Commerce is a big supporter of CRONY capitalism.  They have been infiltrated by people who no longer resemble the American people.  This is a war – a war for America!

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20 thoughts on “The Chamber of Commerce is now the enemy!

  1. The left-wing Liberals in power do not care what We The People think……….only their agenda of a dictatorship from the top down!
    What’s the difference between a terrorist and a liberal?
    Answer: The terrorist makes fewer demands.

    1. I’m beginning to think that you’re literally too shallow to even talk to. This post has absolutely nothing to do with liberals or terrorists.

  2. It’s got “LIBERALS” written all over it madboy. Do you think Conservatives would be campaigning and putting out money to get big spenders elected and Tea Party candidates defeated? The Chamber of Commerce is campaigning for Modified Wards to spend more money because they “think” they know more the We The People do! Does that sound like conservatives madboy? It plainly says, “Think Detroit – Bloomington’s future if these people aren’t stopped.” madboy, Detroit has been under left-wing LIBERAL Democrat control for years and that is why it is nothing more then a third world poverty stricken city! It also plainly says, the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent what made America great, they are NOT for free enterprise and pure Capitalism but is a big supporter of CRONY capitalism. That spells LIBERALS madboy! You know madboy, sometimes I wonder it you actually read the BLN News or if you just read the title and quickly scan it to criticize. Frankly, if you have the IQ of a salamander you can plainly see that this shows the Chamber of Commerce is controlled by left-wing LIBERALS!

    1. You know there’s this divide among conservatives, right? Tea Party on one side, Republicans on the other, yes? Obviously I think that some Republicans (McConnell, Boehner) would try to defeat Tea Party candidates, not only liberals, Democrats, etc.

      The Chamber may not be for “free markets” or whatever, but that doesn’t mean it’s all those “left-wing LIBERALS.” How many Republican, conservative Congressmen have acted antithetically to “pure Capitalism” in recent years? That’s right, quite a few. So again, it’s not only liberals.

      And since you’re so good at googling peoples’ backgrounds why don’t you go and check out those that run the Chamber. Being a business-oriented organization I bet you find most of them supporting the right-wing. Crony capitalism isn’t something that only Democrats support.

      1. What exactly is the difference between “Republicans” and Democrats? Boehner keeps raising the debt ceiling, keeps caving on cutting the budget, so what’s the difference? How many Republicans voted for the bailout and tarp and stimulus? Why would ANY conservative support taking representation away from the people with Modified Wards? Why would they support the Sales Tax increase? Obviously conservative doesn’t apply.

        You explained perfectly why there is a divide in the Republican Party. When republicans aren’t any different from the Democrats they don’t deserve support. The people deserve a clear choice.

  3. When you say:

    “They want local governments to spend so jobs can be created. The Chamber thinks government knows how to spend your money better than you do. This insures higher taxes, it insures “Uptown” Bloomington and any other spending plan local governments and the Chamber want. They will hand-pick like-minded candidates and give them a ton of money. It also insures your rights to what you earn will be over. Think Detroit – Bloomington’s future if these people aren’t stopped.”

    It make me curious to know how you, any of you, think civic improvements should be made? If an elected body of officials cannot decide at what rate taxes should be levied, and how that revenue should be allocated. And if local businesses cannot band together and advocate for their interests…then what?

    Also, when you say:

    “They are not for free enterprise and pure capitalism.”

    I wonder if you could give me an example of “pure capitalism” and explain why anyone would want such a thing?

    1. Bloomington has concentrated on Quality of Life civic improvements for years, while the roads deteriorate and the pensions aren’t funded without more borrowing, hey – we have a Coliseum and BPCA bleeding the taxpayers dry. The local businesses aren’t making these decisions. The Chamber used to understand capitalism but now they are in favor of “Too big to fail” and low skilled immigration to keep wages down.

      Why wouldn’t we want pure capitalism? Businesses need to succeed or fail on their own, not with taxpayer money. They have no incentive to be productive or fiscally responsible when government bails them out – with taxpayer money!

    2. I think the great Gipper, President Reagan, addressed the goodness of pure Capitalism and it’s arch enemy socialism in his famous statement, “All systems are Capitalist. It’s just a matter of who owns and controls the Capital — ancient kings, dictator, or private individuals. We should properly be looking at the contrast between a free market system where individuals have the right to live like kings if they have the ability to earn that right and government control of the market system such as we find today in socialist nations.” In other words GOPPatriot49, Capitalism breeds Freedom for We The People to earn and achieve our goals to not be limited and enslave by the oppression of a socialist government that wants to think for US and make decisions for US like a drug dealers getting their clients hooked on their drugs to control their lives. The socialist style of government gets it’s people hooked and dependent upon it to control their lives!

      1. “Bleeding the taxpayer dry?” Who is being bled dry? We have very low property taxes in Bloomington. This is such patent nonsense it warrants no further reply.

        re: “pure capitalism” Examples? Proof?
        Nothing like “pure capitalism” has ever existed in this country. There is always been an interplay between those who seek profit and the public interest. That interplay is expressed through incentives, regulation.

        Further, the public has an interest in activities that are not profitable. Putting out fires, enforcing the law, scientific research. The internet. Again for emphasis: The internet. Why should the cost of these broad public goods (that benefit not just individuals, but business too) not be socialized? Why should citizens sit around on their hands waiting for a way someone extract profit out of an activity that benefits all?

        Everything I see on this website is reactionary, impractical and shows not the slightest grasp of the issues. Instead it is all run through the tired, shopworn mill of Tea Party ideology. This is why the Tea Party must stand aside and let True Conservatives steer the ship.

        1. How’s that more than $17,000,000,000,000 debt working for you? Want more government spending? How about the at least $69 Trillion in unfunded liabilities? Ask some 20 year olds how they feel about generational theft. We are destroying their futures and you want to keep spending? Nice. Boehner would be proud.

  4. That is totally non-responsive. Just a set of stock responses to difficult questions.

    And still no one has answered my question. Next time you wonder why Republicans are slowly but inexorably being marginalized now in national, but soon in local politics, go look in the mirror.

    1. What question? Bleeding taxpayers dry? How much does the Coliseum and the BPCA cost EVERY year? Low property taxes? Think again.

      Worst States for Property Taxes

      The Tax Foundation found that homeowners in these states paid the most in property taxes compared to home value. The percentages represent the percentage of home value that homeowners pay in property taxes.

      New Jersey – 1.89%
      New Hampshire – 1.86%
      Texas – 1.81%
      Wisconsin – 1.76%
      Nebraska – 1.70%
      Illinois – 1.73%
      Connecticut – 1.63%
      Michigan – 1.62%
      Vermont – 1.59%
      North Dakota – 1.42%

      I realize facts are difficult – what else do you want?

      1. From your link:

        “This is a good way to rank the states because it provides a standardized number for comparison.”

        Which has very little to do with the specific case of Blooomington’s property tax rate which, for a city of its size ranks on the low side within the state.

        Nice try.

        Spend a little time getting to know your subject before you opine:

    2. You never answered my questions! How’s the massive debt working for you? Bloomington already has enough, add in Illinois and the Federal debt the future looks really bleak to anybody without blinders on.

  5. At GOPPatriot49, your comment, “This is such patent nonsense it warrants no further reply.” Yet you continue to reply and reply and reply. Just as guilty as you claim web staff to be. I think your replies are boring.

    1. It’s good to hear views from both sides, the liberal left and Conservative right, but what I find distasteful and down right deceptive is when these limp-wristed liberals hide behind a conservative front like GOPPatriot……………………….yeah right!

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