Why the establishment GOP is going going GONE!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I posted a story about how the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is working against the interests of small businesses.  It riled at least one Republican.  I believe he is an establishment type Republican because I’ve heard the same talk for years.  They have no idea what it means to be conservative, the party platform is immaterial.

Yes, there is a war in the Republican Party.  It’s between Republicans who act like Democrats and true conservatives.  Voters deserve to have a clear choice in elections.  We are done voting for Republicans who say conservative things to win, then act just like the Democrats.

The Republican called himself GOPPatriot.  “GOPPatriot49” accused me of not answering questions, but then he didn’t answer mine.  Just like every other establishment GOP member, debt means nothing.  He never mentioned it and ignored my questions.

“GOPPatriot49” did visits the site again at 10:30 last night, but chose not to answer.  Citizens have to live within a budget, left or right we are outraged at the budget deficits and mounting debt.  The establishment members of both parties are out of touch with the American people, this guy is one of them.

Democrats have seen their party pulled to the far left.  Republicans have crossed the center line and now act like Democrats.  Independents are growing because we are fed up with BOTH parties.  The Democrats will get wiped out in November because of ObamaCare.  If the GOP passes amnesty the establishment candidates will get wiped out too.  It’s time for leaders who look out for the people and the Constitution, not themselves and the Chamber of Commerce.

Want more proof the establishment is dying?  Karl Rove epitomizes the establishment GOP.  Guess who lost big in 2012 and now can’t get donations?  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/02/01/Donations-to-Karl-Rove-s-Groups-Decline-98-After-Declaring-War-on-Tea-Party


Below is the conversation I had with “GOPPatriot49”.  John Boehner could have written the responses himself.  They clearly show this GOP guy is all for government spending – the debt doesn’t matter.  According to him, government knows best – most citizens now realize government is the problem!

GOPPatriot49 says:

When you say:

“They want local governments to spend so jobs can be created. The Chamber thinks government knows how to spend your money better than you do. This insures higher taxes, it insures “Uptown” Bloomington and any other spending plan local governments and the Chamber want. They will hand-pick like-minded candidates and give them a ton of money. It also insures your rights to what you earn will be over. Think Detroit – Bloomington’s future if these people aren’t stopped.”

It make me curious to know how you, any of you, think civic improvements should be made? If an elected body of officials cannot decide at what rate taxes should be levied, and how that revenue should be allocated. And if local businesses cannot band together and advocate for their interests…then what?

Also, when you say:

“They are not for free enterprise and pure capitalism.”

I wonder if you could give me an example of “pure capitalism” and explain why anyone would want such a thing?

Bloomington has concentrated on Quality of Life civic improvements for years, while the roads deteriorate and the pensions aren’t funded without more borrowing, hey – we have a Coliseum and BPCA bleeding the taxpayers dry. The local businesses aren’t making these decisions. The Chamber used to understand capitalism but now they are in favor of “Too big to fail” and low skilled immigration to keep wages down.

Why wouldn’t we want pure capitalism? Businesses need to succeed or fail on their own, not with taxpayer money. They have no incentive to be productive or fiscally responsible when government bails them out – with taxpayer money!

GOPPatriot49 says:

“Bleeding the taxpayer dry?” Who is being bled dry? We have very low property taxes in Bloomington. This is such patent nonsense it warrants no further reply.

re: “pure capitalism” Examples? Proof?
Nothing like “pure capitalism” has ever existed in this country. There is always been an interplay between those who seek profit and the public interest. That interplay is expressed through incentives, regulation.

Further, the public has an interest in activities that are not profitable. Putting out fires, enforcing the law, scientific research. The internet. Again for emphasis: The internet. Why should the cost of these broad public goods (that benefit not just individuals, but business too) not be socialized? Why should citizens sit around on their hands waiting for a way someone extract profit out of an activity that benefits all?

Everything I see on this website is reactionary, impractical and shows not the slightest grasp of the issues. Instead it is all run through the tired, shopworn mill of Tea Party ideology. This is why the Tea Party must stand aside and let True Conservatives steer the ship.

How’s that more than $17,000,000,000,000 debt working for you? Want more government spending? How about the at least $69 Trillion in unfunded liabilities? Ask some 20 year olds how they feel about generational theft. We are destroying their futures and you want to keep spending? Nice. Boehner would be proud.

GOPPatriot49 says:

That is totally non-responsive. Just a set of stock responses to difficult questions.

And still no one has answered my question. Next time you wonder why Republicans are slowly but inexorably being marginalized now in national, but soon in local politics, go look in the mirror.

What question? Bleeding taxpayers dry? How much does the Coliseum and the BPCA cost EVERY year? Low property taxes? Think again.

Worst States for Property Taxes

The Tax Foundation found that homeowners in these states paid the most in property taxes compared to home value. The percentages represent the percentage of home value that homeowners pay in property taxes.

New Jersey – 1.89%
New Hampshire – 1.86%
Texas – 1.81%
Wisconsin – 1.76%
Nebraska – 1.70%
Illinois – 1.73%
Connecticut – 1.63%
Michigan – 1.62%
Vermont – 1.59%
North Dakota – 1.42%

I realize facts are difficult – what else do you want?

GOPPatriot49 says:

From your link:

“This is a good way to rank the states because it provides a standardized number for comparison.”

Which has very little to do with the specific case of Blooomington’s property tax rate which, for a city of its size ranks on the low side within the state.

Nice try.

Spend a little time getting to know your subject before you opine:


11 thoughts on “Why the establishment GOP is going going GONE!

  1. I believe GOPpatriot came out way ahead in this argument. The web master kept ranting off topic with the same old jargon her and her Tea Party minions always use. They won’t stop complaining until all taxes are abolished. All I have to say about that is be careful what you wish for. When there are no more public schools, roads, emergency services, etc. left, don’t be surprised because as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

    1. It great to hear from another citizen who doesn’t get information directly from the TEA Party! Exactly when has the TEA Party called for no taxes, no public schools, etc?

      Limited government means government that doesn’t socially engineer people and the economy to fit their agenda! I know, it’s a hard concept, but maybe you will answer: How’s the debt working for you?

    2. I second this. web staff was first to defer to talking points, usually indicative of a weaker argument.

      On the whole, however, an uncomfortable feeling for me (a non-conservative) to be so in agreement with a “True Conservative.”

      1. I never said that, but all I can express is my pleasure that the Tea Party is not representative of the country as a whole.

      2. The debt will be inflated away, satisfied?

        And the percentage of respondents to that survey who identify with the TEA PARTY *almost* tops the number who view it as BAD FOR AMERICA.

        1. Inflated away, along with all our savings and incomes. Great plan. In other words, America is over! Yes, we are fighting for the future and right now the people wanting government subsidies equal the number who want it reined in. Who wins depends on who has brains and knows history.

          Were you an adult when Carter was President? Double digit inflation was a disater, this time it will be worse.

      3. I think I’m actually in the same camp as you when it comes to inflation. It’s a problem and portends an even bigger one down the road.

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