The East-Side Bypass isn’t dead

by:  Diane Benjamin

Sometime we forget about projects when there are no updates making headlines.  Millions of dollars have been spent to date for studies and more studies.  It is going to happen because government thinks it is their job to generate economic activity.  They see dollar signs and temporary jobs, so they jump thinking they are doing their job.  A lot of the money comes from DC, so why not take it?  The country’s debt means nothing when the bacon comes home.

The reality is that every dollar spent by government is a dollar citizens can’t spend.  Economic activity is increased by how fast dollars are turned, locally is always better.  The group drawing plans for this highway are from Champaign.  At least $10,000,000 has been spent, a grant from Washington.  How much of it went to local businesses?  Since their office is in Champaign, I’d guess not much.

Government spending goes to their “preferred” people.  Citizen spending goes to their “preferred” choices.  Does government spend money responsibly?  Or, can citizen spending accomplish more.  Good companies get your money and hire employees, bad companies go out of business.  Government throws money around without regard to the performance of the payees.  (Think Coliseum parking garage)

My research shows the County Board led by Matt Sorensen is the driving force.  I’d like to know why anybody thinks building a bypass to keep traffic away from your city is a good idea.  We already have one on the west side.  The outlet mall failed because cars drove right on by.  Economic development hasn’t exactly been rosy because of that bypass.

Below is the final path the road will take – right through rich farmland.   It will make it difficult, if not impossible, for farmers to reach their land on the other side.  New subdivisions on the east side will lose value because the road will be very close to them.  All of this is immaterial to YOUR government.  Progress is all that’s important.  Evidently they haven’t checked the population lately and therefore the need.  At least they were smart enough to put trees between the bike lanes and vehicles.






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  1. this one really burns my ass. i have sent letters to alderman and of course never got a response. who do we scream at to stop this?

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