Term Limit Dickie

by:  Diane Benjamin

Senator Dick Durbin has been in office in Washington DC since 1982 – 32 years.  If you believe in term limits, that’s reason enough for him to go.  If you need more, there’s plenty.

Dickie thinks government is the answer to every problem. (see his latest email below)  I think government makes things worse or gets in the way.  His proposal to allow students to refinance at lower interest rates isn’t bad, until he plays class warfare by taxing millionaires more to pay the costs.

Since when is America a country that punishes success? 

If government at every level quit giving tuition assistance, college costs would drop.  The costs aren’t rising dramatically because the real costs are going up.  They are rising because colleges know government will pay part for almost every student.  Instead of educating, college campuses now use aesthetics and perks to lure students.   Cut off their money and they will compete on who educates the best instead of which campus is more attractive and which has the best amenities.

One more note,  Dick doesn’t understand for much of the country the recession never ended.  Student loans can’t be paid back when incomes are failing, businesses are planning on amnesty for more cheap labor, and good jobs aren’t available.  Dickie has ex-students exactly where he wants them – begging government for help.


The chart below shows how college costs have increased:


Year and control of institution Constant 2011–12 dollars1 Current dollars
All institutions 4-year institutions 2-year institutions All institutions 4-year institutions 2-year institutions
All institutions
2002–03 15,012 18,043 7,813 12,014 14,439 6,252
2003–04 15,840 18,961 8,199 12,953 15,505 6,705
2004–05 16,375 19,599 8,423 13,793 16,510 7,095
2005–06 16,735 19,957 8,275 14,634 17,451 7,236
2006–07 17,260 20,591 8,323 15,483 18,471 7,466
2007–08 17,447 20,813 8,210 16,231 19,363 7,637
2008–09 18,120 21,636 8,733 17,092 20,409 8,238
2009–10 18,531 22,147 8,959 17,649 21,093 8,533
2010–11 19,039 22,740 9,170 18,497 22,092 8,909
2011–12 19,339 23,066 9,308 19,339 23,066 9,308


This link is the history of the Federal Government college funding:



Dick Durbin - U.S. Senator

When I speak to groups, there’s one issue that draws more spontaneous emotional responses than any other — and that’s on the issue of college affordability.

It’s no wonder. Over the last decade, student loan debt has tripled. It now surpasses credit card debt and auto loan debt.

Students already struggle to make ends meet as they graduate, but it becomes so much worse when their starting salaries are too low to support growing monthly loan payments.

This is bad for students, bad for our economy, and bad for a society that values education.

That’s why I have joined with Elizabeth Warren and several other senators to introduce the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, which would allow student-loan borrowers to refinance their loans at lower interest rates offered to new borrowers. We’re all teaming up today to build online support before a likely Senate vote next week.

Will you join us? Add your name to our joint petition at BankOnStudentsBill.com, and tell Congress to pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act to provide relief to student-loan borrowers.

College educations are supposed to help young people get ahead, but students often end up struggling to make ends meet while paying off their loans after graduation. With 40 million people in this country who collectively owe over $1.2 trillion on their student loans, it’s time to get serious.

Last summer, we made a good start by lowering interest rates for new borrowers. But that was only a start — we also need to help borrowers manage their existing student-loan debt. The Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act would do this by allowing borrowers to refinance their loans at the current rate.

Our bill also pays for the cost of refinancing these loans by closing tax loopholes for millionaires to ensure they pay their fair share.

Will you join me — and 35 of my Senate colleagues — and call on Congress to support young people trying to build their futures?

Click here to sign on in support of the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act today, and call on Congress to provide relief to student-loan borrowers.

Thank you for your help.


Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator

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