Government plans to shut you off!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Corn Belt Electric sends a magazine to members of the electric cooperative every month.  The July Issue has 2 good articles about the EPA shutting down coal-fired power plants.

If you weren’t paying attention, Obama promised he would do just that before he ran the first time.  Kiss cheap energy goodbye.

Here’s a link to the first  article:

The second one is even more important because of one paragraph.  I find it strange that this article is NOT on-line.  I’ve never seen another story printed in the magazine that wasn’t also on-line.

The title of the story is Changing the rules – subtitle: New EPA carbon regulations proposed for existing plants.

The article is about coal and the EPA war on coal-fired power plants.  70% of power for co-ops like Corn Belt is generated by coal.  Obama’s EPA wants to make coal too expensive to use.  This obviously will raise electric costs for co-op members and non-co-op members because coal fuels 40% of all electricity generation.

Here’s the paragraph that may be the reason the story is no on-line:

epa 002

Can you read between the lines?  Co-ops have installed “smart grid automated meters that can be used in demand-side managements programs such as conservation voltage“.

Even if you aren’t a member of a co-op, by now you probably have a smart meter installed on your house.

Read the sentence again.

Through smart meters, the provider has the ability to control your power usage.  If they can’t supply enough (because the EPA shut down coal plants), they can limit your supply.  Newer appliances come with a chip they can access.  If you run your dishwasher during high electricity demand they can shut it off.  Ditto with other appliances.

The age of America having enough cheap energy to power communities, promote job and economic growth, and not bankrupt families is close to over thanks to the EPA and Barack Obama.  Of course, he is only fulfilling a campaign promise.  What is Congress doing to stop him?  Not much.  The EPA keeps losing emails.






3 thoughts on “Government plans to shut you off!

  1. Don’t forget Mayor Renner signed onto President Obama’s “I Will Act ” on climate campaign which called for President Obama to bypass Congress if need be. And it was clear from their website their target were the Coal Plants. When prices go up Thank Mayor Renner for asking Obama to by-pass Congress and to take this action.


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