Normal: Something interesting from 1 of your Council members

by:  Diane Benjamin

On July 21st Normal held a Council meeting – it lasted exactly 30 minutes.

I found the below under Council Comments.

4. Councilmember Fritzen read that Normal possibly could be a site for medical marijuana production and he would like to go on record that he would not support this project if it ever comes to fruition. Though municipalities would have no jurisdiction over this matter per state statute, he wanted to make it known that he is not enthusiastic about this possibility.   He cited many articles from the Mayo Clinic negating some uses of medical marijuana though he conceded that medical marijuana has been successful in treating certain symptoms in cancer patients. He doesn’t believe that such a facility would do any favors for our workforce, not enhancing job skills only teaching employees to grow marijuana.  Because his investigation showed no empirical data that medical marijuana is helpful to easing illnesses or symptoms of illnesses, Councilmember Fritzen will not support a dispensary or distribution site of medical marijuana in the Town of Normal.

The Bloomington Council will be asked the same questions.  Will they jump at any development regardless of the type?  (or will they think)





6 thoughts on “Normal: Something interesting from 1 of your Council members

  1. The councilman is misleading. The Mayo articles refer to medical marijuana for TEEN USE., and he says nothing about the benefits of cannabis for childhood epilepsy. In fact Mayo recommends it according to the following article:

    The use of medical marijuana in Illinois, unlike most states, is highly regulated, and only certain diseases qualify.Despite what one Alderman’s propaganda says, there is no empirical evidence that proves this will ramp up car accidents. In fact, many people who are now on Schedule II narcotics are now driving, and has this had an increased effect on accidents? No. Like any other substance, if one drives impaired whether it be on alcohol, Schedule II narcotic pain killers, or medical marijuana, the will get the same treatment under our current justice system for driving under the influence.


  2. I cannot believe alcohol is legal and marijuana isn’t, blows my mind. It’s been proven over and over how much safer weed is to booze.


    1. Took the words right of my mouth!!!! I would think at this point in a politicians life they would have had a doctor explain to them that based on all their incredibly horrible visions on how to spend everyone else’s money that they most likely have some kind of brain cancer and will most likely need a dispensary close by!!!!!


  3. Maybe Mr. Fritzen will encourage a resolution to Mr. Obama to stifle the flow of illegal immigrants that bring the stuff through our southern border every day which or course gets to the teen population with no regulation at all. Mr. Fritzen can we count on you to act on your concerns?


    1. Whatever it takes!!!!! or should blono/ Illinois miss the boat on absolutely everything…. I realize most people still have their heads buried in the sand but legal marijuana is only going to improve the quality of life for those who need it and those who choose to use it in a responsible recreational manner. On second thought lets all go get drunk because alcohol is legal and it is a good thing right !?!. I know many cancer patients who use alcohol to improve their quality of life…. Oh wait I’m sorry that was tobacco…Now if your thinking I don’t get drunk or smoke tobacco that’s your right to choice as should be your use of marijuana. However it’s nobody’s right to stand in the way of people who choose to use or need to use marijuana. Not only is it time for doctors and adults alike to be able to make their own choice on marijuana it’s time for prohibition to end. Here is a new tax that doesn’t cost everyone at the pump or every time they hit a light switch. But more importantly it’s a regulated system which has already proven to make alcohol harder to get than drugs for kids. Let’s get it on shelves for adults and off streets for kids…


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