3 things in ONE post

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’d like to have weekends off, but news never stops.

1)  Renner blames the Council

Mayor Transparency was on WJBC yesterday morning.  He claims Normal has a AAA credit rating because their Council will do what ever it takes.  Translation:  They will tax and raise fees without blinking.  The Council is hand-picked by Koos to accomplish just that.  It is also why the Council is elected At-large.  No pesky citizens in your ward to represent.  Tari would love the same!  Renner also blamed the City Council for Bloomington not having the highest credit rating.  He claims they can’t make a decision.  True Tari, but then they aren’t allowed to make decisions.  Who puts the budget together Tari?  Who really kept kicking the can?   Who puts the agenda for every meeting together Tari?  Who limits aldermen comments at meetings Tari?  What happened to that year-long budget discussion you promised this year Tari?  The problem is the Council Tari – the potted plants who don’t represent their wards and instead expect David Hales to make decisions for them.  Since HALES has a difficult time making decisions, and the Council has no input, it is the fault of the 7 potted plants!  Two aldermen believe the City should live within their means, unlike Normal.  I know it drives you nuts Tari – but that’s how our form of government was created!  Consensus must negotiated, not reached through threats.


2)  Bloomington has seen the end of Bassnectar!

In case you forgot, this band has performed at the Coliseum before.  Each time the local hospitals were inundated with drug and alcohol cases and the police were kept very busy. (http://blnnews.com/2013/10/06/wow-no-local-coverage-of-what-happened-at-the-coliseum/)  This article explains one side of the story:  http://www.youredm.com/2014/09/06/bassnectar-edm-banned-bloomington-il/  I haven’t seen any official notice,  but since Bassnectar will perform in Peoria October 31st, it might be prudent to avoid I-74 late night.


3)  Normal West Band had a few problems yesterday

The story I heard is a truck full of instruments was headed to Washington Il yesterday for a band competition.  The  road driven every year had recently been resurfaced.  There was also an underpass on the road.  The new road was 6 inches higher than the old one. (government planning!)  Not good if your truck doesn’t have 6 inches to spare.  It didn’t work out well for the Normal West Truck.  There were no injuries to people or the contents of the truck.  My source says the trailer is totaled.  These pictures were originally on Facebook, I got them by email.

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