Bloomington: Bills Council will approve tonight

by:  Diane Benjamin

You can view all the bills and payroll for tonight’s meeting here:

There are many interesting things, here’s a few.  Remember, these are the bills approved at only ONE meeting.  Bills are approved for payment twice a month.

David Hales is attending the International City Manager’s Association meeting in Charlotte North Carolina.  He will learn more about managing and return with lots more ideas.  The problem is Hales is constantly learning how to manage and the managing never gets done.  Way too much time is spent collecting data, not enough fixing the problems.  Just the airfare is over $500.  The conference and travel expenses are not included. Depending on when Hales registered, the conference will cost (not including hotel and expenses):


Register online by July 8:    $645
Register online by August 14:     $710
Register online after August 14: $765

Recommended hotels range $149 – $208 per night.

Outsourcing legal is proving very profitable to other cities, not so much for Bloomington taxpayers.  Holland and Knight are in Chicago.  Sorling Northrup Hanna is in Springfield.  Remember that when the Mayor says to buy local.

Cumulus Broadcasting and the Pantagraph continue to collect your tax dollars!

Bills Payroll 9-8-14A


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