McLean County Board NEEDS your wallet

NOTE:  If you don’t stop the County Board, Bloomington are Normal are next!  After that is Illinois pushing teacher pensions to local districts.  Think your property taxes are bad now?  Just wait!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Taxes are theft by government.  Tax increases CUT the money you have to spend on everything else.  Government decides how to spend your money, NOT YOU.  Government has a long track record of making bad decisions with the money they confiscate from us.  McLean County is no different.

The County transparency score actually dropped after the Illinois Policy Institute reported on them.  We do not know what they spend money on because they don’t want us to know.

Don’t fall for it’s only another couple of bucks.  Bloomington wanted more than a couple of bucks.  Normal always wants more than a couple of bucks.  The Feds want more than a couple of bucks. The schools want more taxes too.  They think you are stupid enough to think it’s only a couple of buck!

Government policies are causing inflation.  We get no interest on savings accounts because of government.  Government gave us pensions – and NO way to pay them.  They certainly care about the people paying the bills!

McLean has higher property taxes than Cook County!


Tell the County Board McLean already has high taxes!

Live within your means – like we have to.

You aren’t entitled to what we work hard for just because you want it!

The Board must be a special kind of stupid talking tax increases right before an election!  Too bad all of you aren’t on the ballot.

Contact the County Board here:

7 thoughts on “McLean County Board NEEDS your wallet

  1. Now tell the whole story. I have a $75,000 house and only pay $178 to McLean County. Everything else, schools, park district, city taxes, etc add up to $1748 a year. It’s the school districts taxing us to death, NOT the County. Actually McLean County does a pretty good job with finances.

  2. How dare you attack me like that! If we are to have a meaningful discussion on taxation you can’t hide behind twisted numbers. I thought only democrats did that.

    1. Twisted numbers? Really? So the County steals a smaller percent of your money and that gives them the right to take more? The County adds to McLean having the high property taxes, therefore they are part of the problem. You are using the Tari Renner excuse of “our part is low” to justify increases. You must believe government is entitled to what you earn, just trust they use it right. Tip: They don’t because they don’t have to.

  3. So instead of a discussion you attack and twist the truth. We all pay a very small portion of property tax to the county. The schools take the most, and that’s a fact in my bill. They are the main problem! Has the county built an Uptown, a coliseum, a recplex, a school in the middle of no where? Nope. You cannot lump everything together, divide and conquer. We need a new leader.

    1. You epitomize what is wrong with America. Yes the schools are a big problem, but so is every other level of government. The County didn’t question Michelle Anderson buying herself new furniture until I filed a FOIA request. Every office gets a budget and as long as they don’t go over it, nobody cares if they NEED that much money. Why are Sales Taxes down? Why is income from the Recorder’s Office down? What do us peons do when our income is down? The County wants more money. They find cutting non-essential spending too difficult. I’m sure they would say there is nothing to cut.

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