Illinoisans are a special kind of stupid

by:  Diane Benjamin

Democrats have abused taxpayers in Illinois for years, but citizens don’t care:

As ranked by its residents, Illinois is the #1 in worst place to live

745,000 residents in Illinois are now on Food stamps

There are nearly 300,000 fewer Illinoisans working today than in January 2008

Illinois has the worst private sector job creation in the Midwest

One in every 747 homes is in foreclosure, compared with 1 in 1203 nationally

The “temporary” tax increase isn’t so temporary

Unfunded pension liability is at least $100,000,000,000, could be MUCH higher

We have another Illinois Governor under federal investigation

The Attorney General is also under investigation

Corruption in Illinois is expected

Double dipping pensions is common

Patronage jobs are the norm

Illinois ranks among the worst states to raise a child

From 2008-2010, Illinois  lost 117,000 manufacturing jobs, only 18,000 have returned

Politicians want to hand out a higher minimum wage instead of opportunities

Politicians want you to believe healthcare is free

Chicago thinks banning guns from law-abiding citizens prevents gun violence

Minority communities vote as told even as their lives never improve, often get worse

Parents send their kids to failing schools without complaints

Kids are shot on the streets of Chicago, not much outrage

Illegal aliens are welcome in Illinois, cost to taxpayers is immaterial

Minority unemployment rates are much higher than whites, but they keep voting for Democrats

Illinois companies are declared unpatriotic for not paying exorbitant taxes

Our non-Muslim governor got on the ground and prayed with Muslims – isn’t that a crime against Mohammad?

Over 70% of Americans believe we are on the wrong track.  Durbin, #2 in the Senate and Obama crony, is still leading his race

Democrats pass a one time same day registration for voting in November, but media doesn’t see a problem

Reality bites, but Illinois citizens keep voting for your own destruction.

Next up – sending teachers pension funding to local districts.  It’s going to be GREAT!

On November 4th, watch for the buses of first time voters going from precinct to precinct.  (Not a smidgen of fraud I’m sure)













2 thoughts on “Illinoisans are a special kind of stupid

  1. Where is the outrage over the political climate in this state? Why aren’t people lighting their torches and grabbing pitchforks to run these bums out of office?
    As for me, after 23 years here working for SF, I’ll be leaving Bloomington soon to move back home to Wisconsin. Hardly a low tax state but at least the pensions are funded and the state’s bills are paid, Illinois needs a “Scott Walker” running for governor.


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