Renner: The rest of the world knows better

by:  Diane Benjamin

At last night’s City Council meeting, adding bike lanes for the Bloomington portion of Jersey Avenue was approved.  In case you can’t visualize what they approved, imagine turning on to Jersey from Towanda Avenue.

On the right side will be parking and a bike lane for around 200 feet.  No parking will be allowed on the left side, just a bike lane.

Suddenly, parking will switch to the left side with a bike lane.  Parking won’t be allowed on the right side, only a bike lane.

Tari Junior and then senior explain in this clip why cars aren’t in your future:


Did you notices Renner’s reference to INTERNATIONAL?  You, the taxpayers of Bloomington, pay for Renner and Hales to attend all these anti-American conventions.  Since when did America quit leading the world with innovation and just accept that government is smarter than us – especially Europe and the United Nations?  Normal accepted UN regulations years ago, now Bloomington is following.  International anything is Renner’s agenda.  The citizens didn’t say revitalize downtown, the International folks told him that is the future.

When was the last time government predicted correctly?


There was one more International reference by Renner last night.  The discussion was about Bring It On Bloomington with its dismal number of participants.  Around 400 of the 1500+ were from people who don’t live in Bloomington.

Watch Renner’s response about the low numbers:


(I wonder if his methodology mimics the economic impact calculations?)







6 thoughts on “Renner: The rest of the world knows better

  1. “Bikes are a better way to get around in the community” quotes Scott Black. He is bat sh.. crazy Veteranss Parkway is a business highway. what a bunch of liberal idiots.


  2. So happy to be leaving this liberal mecca! Moving to Florida soon. Taking 3 other households with me. Lowering the population of Bloomington-Normal by 7. Bye bye!


  3. Hey now that whole monarchy thing is such a great idea. I just don’t understand why our country’s founders were against it. If its good enough for Europe, its good enough for me!

    Seriously though, the Wall Street Journal had an excellent opinion piece a few days ago talking about how intelligence and good judgement are not the same thing. Obama was the article’s main subject. The article could just as easily have been about Renner. Book smart, life dumb. My dad refers to it as being educated beyond your intelligence.


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