Why Alton Franklin wasn’t picked for Ward 8

by:  Diane Benjamin

Alton has spent many hours at Council meetings.  He has spoken many times during public comment.  That is exactly why Renner would never appoint him.  Franklin isn’t a potted plant.  Stacking the Council because Renner has an agenda for the City is the master plan.  Franklin would care more about citizens and taxes than agreeing with Renner.

Renner loves to say “We need to move forward”.  To what Tari?  Bloomington moved forward with the Coliseum and BPCA.  Millions of dollars later you can only make up economic impact numbers to justify both.  If Bloomington moves forward now, how many more millions of dollars are you going to spend?  Is debating issues and spending too difficult for you?  Shouldn’t every side of the issues be represented?  How can you reach a consensus the citizens agree with when you pick YES people?  Who is looking out for citizens who disagree?

Below is a video of the comments made by Franklin last night and then the comments of Aldermen Stearns and Lower.  The rest of the potted plants didn’t see a problem picking a lady that nobody remembers ever seeing at a Council meeting.








One thought on “Why Alton Franklin wasn’t picked for Ward 8

  1. The professor has made it crystal clear, this is his classroom. He is the teacher, he knows all, so sit down and shut up. Read 12 chapters there will be a test tomorrow. Class dismissed.


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