Pantagraph: Off their meds

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagragh has released a documentary on local problems with mental health.  Jails have been used to detain criminal mentally ill individuals.  Yes it’s a BIG problem, so government is throwing more money at it.

The film can be viewed here:

Missing from the movie was Mayor Renner!  His thoughts should have been included.

Tari has plan for anybody HE thinks is mentally ill, meaning anybody who doesn’t agree with him.  Renner attacks, demeans, and disparages opponents with phrases like they are “off their meds”.  See the details here:

Renner doesn’t even warrant an editorial Pantagraph?  You spent hours and hours investigating, but nothing on Renner’s derogatory comments against people he thinks are mentally ill?  People Tari deems as needing “meds” aren’t entitled to an opinion, but the Pantagraph doesn’t have a problem with that?   Is this a case of “rules for us” but not your friends?  Your film attempts to change how the mentally ill are viewed, but Tari is allowed to perpetuate negativity?

I wonder how Chestnut Healthcare feels about Renner’s comments?  They are receiving $700,000 of your money to fight the problem, then Renner denigrates their mission with his comments.

How about the Bloomington Human Rights commission?  A mayor with obvious disdain for people “on meds” isn’t an affront to their mission?

The mission of the Human Relations Commission is to foster tolerance and mutual respect through education and public awareness programs.

Is Renner fostering tolerance and mutual respect?  The Human Rights Commission won’t act, Renner appoints board.  By the way Mayor, 2 people show expired terms on the City website.

Obviously two sets of rules exist.  Elected officials are allowed to say whatever they want  without condemnation.  The rest of us are expected to keep our mouths shut.







4 thoughts on “Pantagraph: Off their meds

  1. I watched and kept thinking “this is the beginning of another tax increase” – the movie will help Professor Mayor Renner justify reaching into our pockets for more money to fix it. Sad thing is, I’d rather my tax $$ go to something like this than stupid flamingoes.


  2. As main stream media continues to plummet related to sales and profitability it is a true reflection from the people as we grow weary of lies and overall poor reporting of real news.


    1. Reception of the film seemed to be pretty good. Of course this web site, populated by its ubiquitous halfwits, disagrees. You all should get out once in a blue moon.


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