Use PAPER ballots!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Don’t take any chances on election day.  Use paper ballots – don’t trust electric voting machines.  NO, I don’t want to hear how local machines are fine.  Don’t take any chances with your vote.  Fraud will be rampant, it’s your job to get your friends, family, and neighbors to the polls to counter it.

This is Moline Illinois, not Chicago!

Voter Posts Video Showing Machine Switching from GOP to Democrats, As Fraud Reports Mount Nationwide

Even if the national media is avoiding reporting on the midterm elections like the plague, most Americans seem prepared to punish Barack Obama and Democrats at the polls one week from today.

But Democrats may have a magic bullet to prevent disaster and save the Senate for Obama and Harry Reid: outright fraud.

That Democrats engage in massive fraud at the polls is nothing new. Back in 2011, in his epic piece “Stealing the Election of 2012,” Roger Hedgecock detailed how Democrats engaged in massive fraudulent registrations of illegal aliens, felons and the dead in California and elsewhere, while fighting Voter ID laws tooth and nail.

Last week, the Washington Post released a shocking study showing that the illegal votes of non-citizens handed North Carolina to Barack Obama in 2012, and perhaps other states, and gave him the 60 votes to push through ObamaCare through the fraudulent election of Sen, Al Franken in 2o08.

Last week GOP Illinois State Rep. Jim Moynihan said he tried to vote for himself and other Republicans and the electronic voting machine switched his votes to Democrats. Officials blamed a “very rare calibration error,” and some Democrats actually accused him or lying or exxagerating his claims.

With those doubts in mind, another voter in Moline, Illinois early-voted yesterday in the Moline Public Library, and remarkably found the same, “very rare” error when he too tried to vote for Republicans. But this time, he had his camera phone rolling, and sent us his video.

See the video and read more:

3 thoughts on “Use PAPER ballots!

  1. Well, well, well, just so happens when I was voting the last election…
    An elderly woman asked for help with the electronic machine.
    Yep, was switching her vote to Democrat!!!!!!
    The “helper” could nor get it to work properly and they had her fill out a paper ballot.

    Right here in “River City”….Bloomington.


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