Real discrimination overlooked – NIOT UPDATE!

Update:  Memories Pizza is almost to $600,000.  Religious liberty will NOT be attacked in America without consequences.  See link below.

By:  Diane Benjamin This email was received via my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington.  It is one of those I didn’t know existed, but the judge ruled it had been illegally redacted by the City. Schmidt2Obviously Alderwoman Stearns was right, Not In Our Town is window dressing.  Think about the police officer who got a letter in his file for racist comments, the public was kept in the dark until it came out in a trial from the incident.  Think about Renner’s vile rant on my website.  He got a censure that wasn’t really a censure.  I could post stories all day of public officials who quit over less.  Neither incident appears on the Not In Our Town website, obviously “approved” discrimination is okay.  They couldn’t even issue a statement? So why did Schmidt send the email?  Trying to stir up resentment of Stearns?  Since Judy was the only one wanting an explanation from the City about who knew what and when, she should have been the example for Not In Our Town.  Instead Schmidt tried to stir up people against her.  Evidently these people didn’t agree since they weren’t the ones who showed up at City Council to speak against her, only a former Renner student did. We still don’t know when David Hales found out about the incident.  We still don’t know when Tari Renner found out.  Bury it quick, “what difference at this point does it make”? I posted this because of the very real war being waged against Christians, not just around the world – right here in America.  The pretend outrage is the leftist agenda meant to divide and demonize real Americans.   The law in Indiana isn’t a license to discriminate, all it does is allow a court to decide whether religious liberty is violated.   It’s a sad day when a person of faith isn’t allowed to stand on their beliefs as protected by the 1st amendment.  Somehow it is always Christians unable to use the Bill of Rights.  Sit down, shut up, your opinions are immaterial. Even Jesus overturned the money changer’s tables in the temple. Are you standing with the fake outrage from the left trying to shut you up?  Or, are you going to declare: “Your rights end when you violate mine!” Temporarily, this is still America.

1st Amendment to the Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Chick-fil-a won when the left attacked them for their Christian beliefs.  So did Hobby Lobby. The family pizza restaurant attacked by the left is now winning too.  See the Go-Fund-Me account set up for them: I hope they end up millionaires!

7 thoughts on “Real discrimination overlooked – NIOT UPDATE!

  1. A Libertarian viewpoint would not be happy with laws written that have to be determined by the courts as to what it means and says. This is how the little guy loses every time. Surprising you would support something that will cost the taxpayers and oppress more than just Christians. RFRA is for all religions. The law in Indiana was designed to divide and demonize, surprised you don’t see it.

    BTW of course NOIT is Window Dressing, not as if it’s a law. DUH!


  2. Yeah being Christian can more or less get yourself crucified.

    A few weeks ago there was a flurry comments posted on the bird cage paper website surrounding the Country Financial reducing staff by the new CIO. Someone found on their website a welcome page for the CIO and it made mention of her moving here with her partner. The person posting the comment said they felt they didn’t support this. Why should they be paying CF for insurance coverage and know their money went toward someone who they felt didn’t follow Christian principles I suppose. I think they said others should drop their policies with CF.

    There were a a few smack down comments posted in response that degraded the person for standing up for what they thought didn’t follow their Christian principles. It was like oh Christian person shut your mouth because this is okay, what’s your problem.

    The bird cage paper finally deleted the comments which I saw nothing wrong with them at all. I felt that was wrong. So someone stated their opinion and if it wasn’t “politically correct” it got deleted.

    Just seems like a lot of businesses and people are getting things shoved down their throat that goes against their religious beliefs more often now. If you want to stand up for your religious beliefs good luck. Go get a court to decide.


    1. Yes, I work at Country, which used to stand for traditional values. It’s clear with the new management that’s gone now. Sad


  3. NIOT in this town is most definitely window dressing. If NIOT was worth it’s salt then there would be no reason for debate. They would stand on their own merit for standing up to the principles for what the organization claims to support. However as we can see here in Bloomington, many of the high profile signers of said pledge do not stand up for principles as it would interfere with their political group think process.


  4. Well there you go, State Farm is moving out and now Country is reducing staff. Let’s build a hotel that the citizens don’t want and give millions to the downtown that few people utilize. Down the crapper we go, merrily, merrily, (quality of) life is such a dream.


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