Not so Green Energy

By:  Diane Benjamin

This turbine is on Leroy-Lexington black top, just south of Route 9.  All those black spots are fossil fuels!

Livingston County will be voting again on a new wind farm.  A YES vote is a vote to kill birds and throw oil in fields.  A YES votes means tax payers will be forced to subsidize construction.  A YES vote is for expensive electricity.

The only GREEN in wind energy is cash in the pockets of the turbine owners.  The Board meeting is tomorrow night.

Anybody in McLean County care about leaky turbines?

Thanks the Bloomington City Council though – they invested $100,000 of your money for wind and solar!


5 thoughts on “Not so Green Energy

  1. Want to GREEN? Go off the grid like Mr. Lower said AND drastically reduce your consumption, people.

    1. Wait a minute! Not everyone in Bloomington gets electric service from Ameren. Are Corn Belt Energy customers subsidizing those who do?

  2. As a Geology professor once said in a class “dilution is the solution to pollution”. In our case rain dilution.

    I don’t think anyone really knows the full environmental impact of these turbines. I sort of laughed one day when I read at a meeting someone asked what happens in a tornado. If you think about it what could happen.

    I’ve always wondered why all of them are not turning all of the time. I know some probably need maintenance.

    I bet the coal industry was elated when the SCOTUS shot down the EPA.

  3. Literally gave away a $100,000.00,,,what a bunch of complete idiots! So much of most everything they do,,,they are idiots!

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