More that Stanford needs to explain

By:  Diane Benjamin

Fire Protection Districts are allowed to bill for services performed inside the district for people who live OUTSIDE of the districts.  It makes sense because the people served aren’t paying taxes to them.  The one catch is:  an ordinance is required to be passed and signed before the billings can be enforced.

The Allin Township Fire Protection District has an ordinance:  Ordinance

The ordinance is signed by both Board Secretary Scott Edenmiller and President Mick Owens.  It is dated 11/13/2013

Here are the minutes from the 11/13/2013 meeting:   Minutes

Note at the TOP of the minutes, President Mick Owens was ABSENT.  How did he sign the ordinance and date it 11/13/2013 when he wasn’t there?

This LEGAL document goes with the Ordinance, again signed by Scott Edenmiller:  (click to enlarge it)


Keep in mind – everything is dated 2013.

Why, if this ordinance was passed in 2013 and signed by Scott Edenmiller, did this email exchange take place in 2014?




Was the ordinance back-dated so the Allin Township Fire Protection District could collect money?

Is this fraud?  Official Misconduct?

Is Josh Deterding being prosecuted because he knows where the Stanford/Allin Township “bodies” are buried?

As I reported in July, everything Josh was doing is clearly shown on the bank statements – two years worth.

Maybe the wrong person(people) are being prosecuted?

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