Where was David Hales?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently his P-Card was broken:

DAVID HALES  INV 10/12/2015 CHICAGO 9/15 128075
Admin Pro Develp 84.25
Invoice Net 84.25

DAVID HALES INV 10/12/2015 SEATTLE 9/15 128076
Admin Pro Develp 304.00
Invoice Net 304.00

Bills and Payroll:  Page 22  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9246

Seattle just happens to be where the latest INTERNATIONAL City/County Manager Association meeting was held.

Original Story:  http://blnnews.com/2015/09/29/where-was-david-hales-last-night/


One more from Bills and Payroll:

This is the “facilitator” for the past retreat – probably not all she got paid.  Another retreat coming up!

LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES INV 10/12/2015 583-2015 127434
1 10011110 70220 Admin Oth PT Sv 9,949.90
Invoice Net 9,949.90
CHECK TOTAL 9,949.90
LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES INV 10/12/2015 579-2015 127432
1 10011110 70220 Admin Oth PT Sv 4,951.75
Invoice Net 4,951.75
LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES  INV 10/12/2015 581-2015 127433
1 10011110 70220 Admin Oth PT Sv 11,014.72
Invoice Net 11,014.72
CHECK TOTAL 15,966.47

Total = $25,916.37




8 thoughts on “Where was David Hales?

  1. I attended the retreat. The facilitator must be laughing all the way to the bank. The Mayor himself could of got a chalkboard and listed what everyone thought priorities should be.

    1. This is a total waste of money!! The citizen summit already gave the council directives about priorities. Just about any citizen could have led that retreat. And, the mayor tried to direct the conversation anyway. Another example of why there is a “structural deficit.”

  2. Lynn Montei Associates is a management consulting and leadership development firm serving the private, public and social profit sectors. This is what the net sez these ppl r . Where do I go to get a management consulting gig?

  3. Would love to look at the political contributions of Lynn Montei. Anybody want to bet she is a far, far Leftist, Bernie Sanders type? Tari doesn’t hire decent, traditionally minded Americans, unless he absolutely can’t avoid it. Which brings up a HUGE, unnoticed scandal–the political radicalization of City Employers and appointed boards under the Renner regime.

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