The truth about Bloomington taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night the Council will hear that almost every tax received is higher than budgeted.

That must make citizens wonder why the Sales tax increase was rammed through!

What’s the truth?

The City of Bloomington LOWERED most expected receipts compared to what was budgeted last year:

TaxxMaybe now they can pretend the local economy is great since Monday night’s reports show receipts are great.

When Mitsubishi and affiliated companies close, when State Farm continues to move people out, and when Caterpillar employees are dismissed, it’s going to get more difficult to hide.

Maybe that’s why the Sales Tax was rushed.  Disaster looms, so just make everybody pay more.

Fiscal responsibility isn’t possible when leadership has an agenda that must be accomplished before the citizens kick them out of office.

Of course, you will still be screwed.  Think Coliseum.

How much was actually received last year?  Hard to say because the April City Manager’s report (fiscal year-end) doesn’t show 12 months of receipts.  Page 36.  The FY 2015 numbers can be found there.

The FY 2016 numbers can be found here: Page 34

Numbers for the city are a game used to say whatever needs to be said.  Sorry Tari.  Koos relies on tax increases being a one day event and then citizens forget.  You don’t have that luxury.




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