Pantagraph reaches a new low

By:  Diane Benjamin

On October 31, 2015 the Pantagraph printed a Letter to the Editor critical of Mayor Renner and his plans to use public money to redevelop downtown.

It is surprising they allowed the letter since many are rejected, but now there is a new twist.

All comments to the letter have been deleted.

No new comments are permitted.

Why even have Letters to the Editor Pantagraph?

Can’t handle the heat?

Tari can’t handle the heat?


14 thoughts on “Pantagraph reaches a new low

  1. Oops that got sent out in print. Probably the person who approved that to be printed was let go or crucified. It makes you wonder who is running the show at the Pantagraph.

    I don’t think it was ever opened up for comments. Maybe I missed seeing any before they removed them.

    The Panatgraph in my opinion is ran like some archaic Gothic operation from the 16th century. We only print what the king says too. The king being the mayor.


      1. Originally there were comments. Now they may have not all been totally on topic but there were several. I guess someones feelings must have got hurt. you suppose?


  2. You have to look at it from a PANTAGRAPH point of view. If you read that rag, you are WELL aware that their proofreading does NOT exist. They double print words, misspell them, use them out of context and juxtapose them, so anyone who writes a comment PROBABLY has better grammar then the PANTAGRAPH folks, and of course they don’t like the truth! It doesn’t befit them and their feudal lords.


      1. If I had to guess, yes. Bentley likely doesn’t have the cash flow or assets to get the financing to make the purchase would be another guess. But hey you can bet he likely will make a profit off of the deal.

        Honestly I don’t know where these people get their money at. Maybe like a local attorney who passed away a number of years ago and his family thought he was wealthy and belonged to the Bloomington Country Club too. Hahaha they found out how much credit card debt he had accumulated. Their inheritance plans got derailed.

        Anything that stands in their way they don’t like. I’m even surprised they printed it and allowed it on their website. I don’t recognize the author’s name as being someone influential.


  3. In the online paper this afternoon, there was a short-lived article on a press conference concerning the City of Bloomington’s plan to spend $16 million over the next couple years rebuilding/refurbishing its fire stations. The money shot came after it was mentioned that Station # 5 was built in 2009 and efforts to sell the building have failed because of a leaky roof. “Both the mayor and the city manager stressed that this was built under a previous mayor, manager, and council”.

    What an utterly sniveling, juvenile response! I guess anything to deflect from their own massive incompetence…..

    Anyway, a little less than an hour later the entire article w/ couple comments was stricken from the paper’s site. The City’s and Pantagraph’s incestuous relationship rambles on…..


      1. I’d hazard to guess that the previous city manager wasn’t completely up front with the previous mayor/council on the problems with #5’s design and construction. IIRC, it wasn’t just the roof that leaked, but that the concrete blocks used in all the exterior walls were not manufactured with the waterproof process as specified. Now, who let that get by? Suppliers, contractors, city inspectors?

        Perhaps the city manager system should be eliminated.


  4. Another Pantagraph hide and seek.
    Late yesterday this article was on their website:
    “Council to consider $16M upgrades to fire stations”

    A couple of hours later, maybe not even that long it was gone:

    Another city manager move to get some consultants in here to spend more of the taxpayer’s money. They already have a $3 million building, leaking no less, erected and not being used. From what I remember in the article the consultants recommended a fitness/wellness area to be added. Gee I wish my employer would do that for me. I think the vast majority of the taxpayers into fitness belong to a local club for that purpose and pay for it themselves. There was even more in the article to throw money at.

    Bend over Bloomington taxpayers and get some lard and also get out your wallets and ATM cards.


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