Where’s the media?

By:  Diane Benjamin

If elected officials are conservative, the local media is relentless in attacking them.  Any representative opposing “progress” on the grounds it isn’t government’s job, will get vicious treatment for not going along with the majority.

The majority is bankrupting taxpayers, but that’s immaterial to media.

Examples:  Judy Stearns, Kevin Lower, and Lee Newcom

Enter Matt Sorensen, everybody’s insider.

Guilty or innocent, the indictment filed by the Federal government is devastating.  If you haven’t read it:  Indictment-Sorensen

Sorensen spearheaded a 1/4% Sales tax increase for jail expansion and a downtown bus hub.  Connect Transit failed to get a federal grant for the hub, but nothing has been said about the money the County is going to get that won’t be spent on the hub.  Media?  Sorry, I forgot you don’t investigate.

Sorensen’s actions gave Normal and Bloomington the perfect opportunity to go way beyond 1/4% increase – all the way to 1%.  More theft by government, congrats.

Did Sorensen force the tax increase before knowing Connect Transit wasn’t getting a Tiger Grant because he knew the indictment was coming?  Matt knew he has been under Federal Investigation for years, yet he acted like nothing was distracting him from his duties as County Board Chair.

The media is silent.  If Matt wasn’t everybody’s best friend, the media would be calling for his head.  Imagine what the Pantagraph would be printing if Judy Stearns or Kevin Lower was indicted by the Feds.  They would review every statement either ever made and twist it to support immediate ouster.  I wonder who attended the party when Stearns decided not to run again?

Crickets with Matt.

One thing is obvious.  The indictment has to be weighing very heavy on Matt and his judgement.  Taxpayers deserve representation and leadership not distracted by extreme outside pressures.  Yet, no media calls for his resignation – even if only based on common sense.

If Sorensen wasn’t a member of the local “insider” club,  the media would be crucifying him.  The media would be calling for a complete investigation of his dealings on the County Board.

Luckily, local media is becoming more and more immaterial.  The story is now national:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/01/11/illinois-official-retains-power-despite-federal-indictment/

It’s not only embarrassing to live in corruption central Illinois, it’s embarrassing to live in corrupt McLean County.  Thanks media, your failures created the perfect environment.

The longer all the rest of the elected officials maintain their silence, the more their integrity also needs to be challenged.  Good ‘ol boys/womans club is alive and well.




14 thoughts on “Where’s the media?

  1. Wjbc tried to make an example out of Lower on two occasions. Once for suggesting the United States is a christian nation. And lastly for wanting more budget cuts. The biased agenda hate America first hosts acted like it was the end if the world. You are Right Diane. This incident illustrates a double standard locally that is unprofessional and embarrassing.


  2. The way to change government is through elections and if nobody is running against the good ole boys nothing is going to change. Jason Chambers is running unopposed in the next election. Part of the problem there, is nobody wants to be stuck cleaning up his mess. Matt Sorensen ran unopposed in his last race. How many of the people on the county board are running unopposed in this next election?


  3. Most hard working honest people just can’t afford to take a low paying job which is why the jobs are low paying. Hell even council notes that they have to pay more to get quality help. Guess that helps to describe what they think of themselves. You get what you pay for. * How about a referendum to start over with council? Offer $50K a year plus benefits but it’s a full time job. Spend the $50K there and quit hiring consultants. I am sure a lot more people would run if the pay were more than peanuts and a few free lunches with a communist.


      1. Again, we get what we pay for. Crap pay, crap representation with 8 of 9 aldermen. Salary of $4800 year, multiple meetings per month, multiple issues, probably 20 hours a week to be even close to what is needed to review and explore information needed to do the job. Divide $4800 by 52 weeks = $92.37 divide by 20 hours = $4.61 per hour. More hours, less pay. It’s no wonder. There ya go, and then you’ve got the city manager pay with 4-5 assistants costing the taxpayers,,,what,,,$650K year plus benefits? It’s no wonder that we are screwed!


  4. The above is quite true, as to the pay for Board members – consequently we get people running for a vanity position, and yes the go along to get along approach insures there is hardly any REAL work involved, just social gatherings of mostly other like minded individuals and if someone upsets the apple cart, well, they will be shunned and pushed out by the “gang”. Perhaps if County Board was a REAL political position with some REAL salary, more qualified and caring people would get involved, BUT that would possibly mean that the apathy that has been so carefully nurtured by the powers that be might be lessened as well, and well, that would be getting the sheep involved and the shepherds know what is best for the sheep, the sheep just need to be quiet and enjoy their green spaces and pay their taxes (if they have to) and let the people who know better do the “important” work.


    1. I tend to agree that money is a big motivator. But does that then feed into the career politician monster that eventually saps the energy out of fighting for the people? The politicians at the federal level make good salaries but how many don’t show up for votes or engage in horse trading to attach meaningless legislation to bigger bills? The electorate has to also get their affairs in order. You don’t vote, you can’t complain. I have said that to people before and I even held my tongue on occasion because I did not vote in an election. If you don’t care about voting, you may end up regretting it. Democracy does not grow on trees. It takes some civic responsibility. Unfortunately, that civic responsibility is being replaced by corporations and special interests. It only changes with the vote. Once politicians figure out they answer to
      The People, we may see an improvement.


  5. I did not realize until I looked it up that there are 20 people on the board! How in the world is any 20 member committee going to get anything done. There should be 10 max and even that is too many.


      1. Seldom disagree with you Diane, but a smaller Board would be less accountable to citizens and far easier for the “Evil Axis” of Democrat Marxism and RINO Republicanism to completely dominate. Most of their work process is done in Committees of far smaller size, in any case.


      2. Addendum–we only need to remember what a total disaster downsizing the State Legislature was for Conservatives to understand why cutting membership size of elected bodies is seldom a desirable action.


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