Come out of the closet Mark

By:  Diane Benjamin

I know, from the title you are thinking something else!

I’ve pointed out for at least a year the Pantagraph Editorials never say who wrote them.  Lately they’ve had a FEW (with emphasis on few), written by somebody other than the management, stating views I agree with.  I’d love to know who wrote them.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those days.

Renner was on WJBC this week berating the Council for not passing the new garbage plan.  Evidently those paid-by-you-lunches meant the fix was in, it should have passed.

The Pantagraph attempted to complete the crucifixion yesterday.  Facts are immaterial.  The Council should have done as instructed, that whole “representing the people” can’t be tolerated.

There was one surprise though:

anaSmall print, and only a first name and initial, but Mark P slightly opened the locked closet door to who writes their red journalism.  Red for promoting spending money government doesn’t have.  Red for government is smarter than you, therefore comply peons.  Red for your empty pockets because the Pantagraph wants government to bail them out of their mostly empty building.  You might as well add a sickle to the masthead just to confirm where you stand Pantagraph.

When you write your next editorial Mark, come all the way out of the closet and add your last name.

Maybe you are too embarrassed by what you write.  I know the few readers you have left are embarrassed to call you media.




6 thoughts on “Come out of the closet Mark

  1. IF the Pantagraph is ANY indication of WHERE the whole city is headed, well, then pack up and get the heck outta here! As a carrier I remember when they had over 50,000 subscribers, and a FULL TIME operator, now you can’t even get a real person! And as for news, that weekly reader we got in 6th grade was more interesting! Heck, even going through ole Dale Putnams bookstore that USED to sit where their parking lot is now, would be more of an interesting read! Can you blame them for wanting to sell a building that NO ONE but Tari and a FEW others? MAY have an interest in! A bird in the hand****! IF it was MY building, I’d take the $$$ and RUN! Although the Limestone facade does have some building/resale value.


  2. The Pantycrap also today Cheered the Bloomington City Council for “considering” to close Clinton Blvd to heavy trucks. I didn’t realize this was an agenda item. I just thought it was Amelia Bedelia running her mouth again, but clearly she now has the Pantycrap behind her. Maybe Mark lives at White Place too. Which, by the way, brings up another interesting inconsistency with the Bloomington City Council.
    Amelia Bedelia is the handpicked Renner, Fazinni, Hauman candidate, all who were behind the modified ward system of government that would not bog down the Council with silly ward centered issues. If there was an at large candidate Amelia Bedelia would certainly fit their bill, but the problem is this is a ward centered issue if there ever was one. It’s a bunch of neighborhood snobs who want special treatment from the city to reroute traffic away from a major thoroughfare in the city of Bloomington so they can live more comfortably. Amelia Bedelia is beholden to them and must now plead their case on Council. How’s she working out for Rob Fazzini and Tari who would both like to focus on the big picture agenda items facing our city, like our cities’ water supply?
    Sarcasm intended!


  3. Why not just build a wall at BOTH ends -like they did on W. Jefferson, and on the back alley also, and have the Clinton St people WALK to their PARKED vehicles on Emerson, etc? That would “beautify” the neighborhood, be sustainable, stop the traffic and make them happy. Sounds like a WIN-WIN to me!


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