Progressive Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m sure you’ve seen Bloomington’s symbol:

chevWhat the symbol means is listed on the City website and in the presentation for Tuesday night.  It isn’t new, no Tari didn’t change or create the definition:

progressAccording to

1)  Favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters:  a progressive mayor.
2)  Making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc: a progressive community.

Read the other definitions at the link above.

Here’s the problem:

Government is using YOUR money.

The BCPA was progress.  Were voters told the BCPA would bleed red ink?  ImprovementBetter conditions?

The Coliseum was progress.  The voters didn’t want it, but government wanted progress.  It BLEEDS red ink.

Now Tari wants a downtown hotel.  The feasibility study is two years old.  Since the study in February 2014:  Mitsubishi has closed, Country Financial is out-sourcing jobs overseas, and a local business a week is closing permanently.  The study erroneously claims McLean County is growing.  See the study here:  HVS-Feasibility Study-Proposed Bloomington Hotel – presentation 10Feb2014

Did the study forget to include the Chateau?  Is that the hotel Tari is planning on putting out of business by putting one downtown?  I see lots of other hotels in the study, the Chateau is missing.  Reform?

What about the ancient infrastructure downtown Tari?  How much will it cost to upgrade for a hotel?  Has anybody checked with IDOT about putting a walkway across a State Highway?

Bottom line Bloomington:

Experimenting with your money isn’t the job of local government.

Your government has been “progressive” for decades.  They plan with your money.  Then they leave office and the mess created to the next mayor and council.  It’s happening again with Tari.

The BCPA was supposed to spur economic development downtown.

The Coliseum was supposed to spur economic development downtown.

Now a hotel is supposed to spur economic development downtown.

None has and none will.

The Council really can’t be this stupid, can they?

I will make one prediction:

Amelia Buragas will say:  “If somebody wants to invest $40,000,000 in downtown we should welcome them”.  (the details are immaterial)

Next election April 2017.






9 thoughts on “Progressive Bloomington

  1. The infrastructure question is very valid. I just had to run a new sewer line from my house out to the street. It cost 13k of which most of that was paid to the city for street work. There was one 5’x5′ hole on my side of the street. I can’t imagine what it costs to tear up more than that.

    1. Tom, in order to progress (move forward) one has to look back and examine the past while using a newly created map for where to go. If looking to the past and seeing the same as the future, there is no progress. Repeating the same actions and expecting different results is not progressive. The progressives have even failed at progressivism.

  2. Amelia–no one is investing $40M downtown. The city has to cough up and pledge at least $10M before anyone will even consider moving forward on the project. For someone with legal traing one would think that person would have acute reading comprehension and analytical skills.

  3. Note that the arrow in the logo points downward. How appropriate!! That is the direction of progressivism.

    1. Also notice the Red color…..and I don’t mean a tribute to Santa Claus. Tari’s relentless campaign to pack City Departments with extreme Leftist Radicals is one of the sleeper issues. You better not be listed by the Federal Elections Commission as a Cruz contributor if you might need a zoning variance. And it could become so bad, so corrupt, so Stalinist, that you better not need garbage pickup or fire protection, either. This “man” wants Conservatives exterminated!

  4. Hey, now it’s $13 million for Hotel Renner! However in order to save much needed funds I would like to suggest the following to keep the oldness apparent in the cultural experience of downtown. Let us kneel down for preservation and put on our thinking hats.

    Commerce building – 1) Keep as is, as possible. One or two electrical outlets per room. Share a community bathroom per floor. Thus avoiding transgender issues. Just make room for a couple of showers. 2) Only 2-3 people in elevator at a time. It’s old. Enjoy the ride. 3) Every room gets an electric blanket for winter months. 4) No TV sets needed as the downtown is so vibrant. 5) You can check in, but you can never leave Hotel Renner. Leave your money in the Hotel Renner vault. Notice I did not use the term “safe.” 6) No skywalk needed. Everything is across the street or just down the block. It’s the epitome of walkability, pedestrian friendly. 7) In case of fire,,,JUMP! Aim for the big round tarp down below. BFD will catch you. Those guys are pros. That’s how they did it back in the day and this will help insure a nostalgic experience. Next the Elks Building – level the whole thing to construct that hideous sea of asphalt otherwise know as a parking lot. No bicycles allowed. Did I miss anything?

    I project this to save the city their $13 million dollars theft from taxpayers to give to undeserving developers. Therefore if the developers go it alone and are successful, we can expect our taxes to decrease due to the massive increase of economic activity, right? Lol!

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