Selzer now running scared

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dave has now protected his Facebook page – only his “Friends” can see it.  He wrote this however:

David Selzer Apologies to my friends. If you have received any “hate” noties from the person involved with this or their friends. Seems I and possibly some of you are now targets……I HATE politics but love to serve and will NOT let someone’s lies dissuade me from Service.

Davy can’t spell or tell the truth.

Like I said Dave, I post links to what I write.  I posted your tax records directly from the Assessor’s website.  It’s not a lie that you are a deadbeat taxpayer.

Maybe you aren’t aware that it is illegal for you to serve if your owe the County money.



8 thoughts on “Selzer now running scared

  1. Well, some of Mr. Selzer’s “friends” must read posts on this site since he has now secured his FB page. Glad to see he is becoming well informed.


      1. At least a copy sent to John McIntyre wasn’t returned.
        I say he should be censored as if the county board had enough guts to do that.
        He’s no better than the mayor of Bloomington in my opinion. Too bad you don’t have some legal recourse against him and the board. I mean really lets hear his opinion of the other candidates in all fairness. My gawd dressing someone down on some public website. Not much confidence that there was any fairness about the process at all.
        I wonder does he keep naked women’s calendar’s in his garage thinking that is okay too. He needs some sexual orientation training as well. From the generation that thinks women should sit in the back of the bus and keep quiet and stay home and bake cookies and good gawd don’t be a journalist too. Only a man can do that job.


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