Tari: 5 Pinocchios

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari talking points:

The big picture on the budget is that:

  • 1) we are not doing anything that the city didn’t do three, four or five years ago
  • 2) our revenues were flat and our costs keep going up a little over 2% each year

How much truth is in Tari’s statements?


From the 2013 Budget Book – page 18:

gf2013General Fund expenses in FY 2013 were $74,535,630.

General Fund expenses in FY 2016 are $94,553,780.

FY 2016 Adopted Budget Book 1  Page 19


That’s in increase of $20,018,150 just since you became Mayor!

A 2% increase per year would still have the General Fund under $80,000,000.

Obviously the Revenues aren’t flat Tari, that $20,000,000 came from somewhere.

Maybe it’s from your tax increases:

  • Amusement Tax
  • Utilities Tax
  • Garbage Fees
  • Gas Tax
  • Sales tax

It’s really hard to trust anything you propose Tari.  STRETCHING the truth when the facts are easy to get isn’t a quality that installs trust by citizens.

Here are a few things Tari IS doing the City didn’t used to do:  http://blnnews.com/2015/09/16/taxes-increases-would-be-easier-with-truth/

More Pinocchios Tari.







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