As you head to work . . .

The 10 States With the Highest and Lowest Tax Rates in 2016

State with the LOWEST effective tax rate:

lowestState with the HIGHEST effective tax rate:

highestWhat are you getting for your money?

One person leaves Illinois every 5 minutes.

Now you know why.

Send Madigan, Renner and Koos a thank you card.  They all want more of your money!



2 thoughts on “As you head to work . . .

  1. Hay…Did Tommy the Commie take the day off or what? 😛

    Oh…yea…I forgot. It’s hard for snarky dumb-ass know-nuthin’ ‘progressives’ like him to argue with numbers – the pain of math, truth, reality, and all that stuff is just too much to bear.

    Who knows. Maybe he just saw the sad truth and his little head exploded.


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