Downtown TIF: 2010

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are the disbursements listed on the 2010 Downtown Bloomington TIF report:  2010 Report

Remember how the DBA (Downtown Bloomington Assoc) was supposed to pay for itself years ago?  What did $324,368 get them (OR YOU?)

I wonder where asbestos was removed? Good records matter.

Wonderlin Galleries is now listed as being at:  1520 E College Ave Ste P, Normal, IL 61761

According to Pantagraph archives, Wonderlin Galleries closed in Bloomington in the mid 1990’s.  Fred Wollrab and Heritage Manor administrator Ben Hart were rehabbing 405-407 N Main.

Devyn Corp is David Bentley.  He bought the McBarnes Building – 201 East Grove – from the County in 2004.

The Huff’s loans on the Ensenberger building are through CEFCU.

2010Certainly more connections to discover!






One thought on “Downtown TIF: 2010

  1. I noticed in Section 6 that the Base EVA and the EVA for the reported fiscal year was not reported. It is not required by law but is helpful in evaluation of the TIF performance. Another sign of poor management.
    Also, MFT seems to have been used for this TIF. Even though the money was repaid, not sure that is allowed. Another example of slush funding?


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