Tari HATES Capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin

History isn’t taught anymore, so let me briefly recap.

Before America declared that “Rights” come from God, not government, and the people can govern themselves – the entire world was a dark place.  Capitalism didn’t exist.  The people were government slaves without any possibility of creating a better life for themselves.

America changed that.  More people around the world have been lifted out of poverty by capitalism than anytime in history.  There is no purer way to distribute wealth than Person #1 makes something Person #2 wants, and they exchange something of value for something else of value.

Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning:  https://audioboom.com/boos/4489717-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-4-27-16?t=0

Tari stated video gaming produces a profit of $14 million locally for the machine owners.

He claimed almost every city in Illinois charges a fee per machine.  Tari – how is Illinois doing?  Government across Illinois is attacking the producer’s income because they see MONEY.  Bloomington is the failed State of Illinois, thanks to Tari!

You have no right to an additional tax on what individuals have invested in and produced.  You already get taxes.  The City is making a huge profit from these machines for doing NOTHING!  You and your potted plants on the Council are attacking capitalism when you attack profits. 

Tari’s version of capitalism is “tax breaks” to friends of government.  Crony capitalism is the REAL problem.

Tari couldn’t resist jabbing Scott Laughlin on the WJBC firing of Colleen Reynolds.  Tari went on to tell Scott what they should be reporting – what Tari “wants” reported.

Gee Tari, they already to that.  Since Colleen is now at WGLT (government-funded Public radio), that sounds like a better place for you to spout your anti-capitalist policies.

How much of other people’s money is government entitled to?

(I do know it will NEVER be enough.)





20 thoughts on “Tari HATES Capitalism

  1. That’s right CRONY capitalism is living well in Bloomington, IL thanks to Tyranny Tari’s abolishment of what he calls the good old boy network that’s not going to happen on “his watch” as he continues pandering to the good old boy network that he is in the thick of. Transparency my ass!

  2. So well said. I’ve always thought of the professor as a Bernie Sanders extremist type who sees the govt as the provider and solution to all our problems. And anyway, his ego tells him he’s smarter than we “whiners and complainers” and has a right to take and use our $$ as he sees fit. I have absolutely no respect for the guy.

    1. No one whines more than Tari Renner, just listen to what he says. It’s the usual political double speak as the city has more needs like the taxpayers don’t. Like inflation only happens to the city, not the taxpayers. That taxpayers need to pay more than what they pay to pay for the costs of what they already pay for. That there is no mention of any meaningful cuts in spending for the city but the taxpayers must give more. It’s the mind of a tyrant that demands more from the citizens as he treats them as his subjects.

  3. How is Kansas doing? They adopted exactly your model.

    Your posts like this are completely silly.

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    1. Adopted what model? Do they tax everything that moves like Tari? Do they hand out free money to friends? Your comments are beyond silly and completely lacking facts.

    2. Dude…I already smacked your ass down on Kansas.

      You need new material (not to mention new data)!

      1. With did you smack him down with? Brownback is getting blowback from his own conservative allies. Those farmers and business owners don’t seem to be creating jobs with the tax breaks. Brownback cut too much without contingencies for other shortfalls. $58 million shortfall on tax revenues so far this year. Overall, they still need to plug a $228 million gap. You get more money in your pocket but what good is it going to do you when you have to find daycare for your kids because schools closed early for the summer and your car suspension needs repairs because the roads are messed up?

      2. Oh …Bullfeathers Mikey!

        Are you saying that farming doesn’t do jack for an economy? I’m sure your neighbors in this state would appreciate your point of view.


        Thanks to those farmers, the economy of Kansas is screaming at a clip of 6.5%. Go ahead…click on it – it’s from the government – I like sourcing my work.


        By “contingencies for other shortfalls”, you mean not being able to foresee the Kansas oil patch getting wiped out to near extinction level in unprecedented fashion? A whole bunch of gamblers and speculators didn’t see that one coming either, and those guys are a hella lot smarter than most politicians.

        And with all that going on, you’re trippin’ about a $58 Million shortfall? That’s 2.5% of last years budget (2.227 B). The fact that they are ONLY off by 2.5 percent is an amazing testament to buffer of activity created by the tax cuts to cushion such a major blow to one of the states foremost economic industries.

        There are more people moving to Kansas because of the favorable tax environment.


        Those people will be there for years to come and contributing with their dollars to the Kansas economy, unlike Illinois which is losing ‘revenue sources’ by the busloads every day.

        Finally, regarding “…and your car suspension needs repairs because the roads are messed up?”

        Dude…really? Are you seriously going to get into a pissing match with me regarding the effect of political ideologies on road conditions?

        That’s rich!

        I’ll remember that tomorrow as I drive over the 862 potholes that litter the road maintained by the Great State of Illinois between here and Springfield. That doesn’t include the 38 I hit on my way out of Bloomington.

        Pfft! Please.

      3. Lol! And I suppose all that money is going to make up for the gaps in education and road repair? Brownback back made such massive cuts that he will need a whole crap load of people to spend money on things.
        I got an idea, why don’t you take a trip to Kansas and go on a shopping spree. While you are there, be sure to say to the Wal-Mart greeter huffing to breathe because Brownback turned down federal funds to expand Medicaid.
        I think that it is laughable that you would to try invalidate my opinion because I connected potholes to political ideology. One the biggest themes I see here is complaints regarding the lack of consideration for tax money for basic services in city budgets. You would be a liar if you didn’t think with lack of revenue from Brownbacks cuts that infrastructure and basic services would be funded. Those who think it’s great are corporations. The ecomomy grows but unless you are everything that taxes are not funding, then are you really coming off better?

      4. Oh Gent. Don’t open a barbecue joint. If your barbecue sauce is anything like your political commentary you would have a hard time attracting customers because it is W-E-A-K.

      5. Not as weak as swallowing everything you see and read at Mother Jones…lulz

        …and thanks for playing

  4. Back in 2012 when the Council approved video gaming, Alderman Jennifer McDade was quoted in the Pantycrap saying that we must continually search for new revenue streams into the city. She was in favor of video gaming because it provided just that, a new revenue stream into the city that the city could turn around and tax and regulate more and more. Now here we are four years later, and the continuous search for new revenue streams into the city has only intensified. No one is immune from the search: Landlords, bar owners, video gaming machines, you name it everyone and everything is up for grabs when it comes to increased fines and taxes to fund Tari’s field of dreams. He needs $20 million more for next fiscal year and that’s going to take a lot of “new revenue streams into the city.” McDade certainly spoke more than she knew back in 2012.

    To borrow from Ronald Reagan, Tari’s economic philosophy can be summed up with three simple phrases:

    If it moves, tax it. (Any one and everything)
    If it keeps moving regulate it. (Landlords, Bar Owners and video gaming machines)
    And if it stops moving, subsidize it. (Connect Transit)

  5. You are correct about Tari hating capitalism. I saw a picture of him sitting front and center on the main stage two weeks ago in Bloomington as a Eco Socialists sporting the slogan System Change not Climate Change put on a propaganda presentation.

    1. No question Tari is a hardcore Marxist. 30 year ago, the FBI would have had a file on him. Still should, but they are probably too busy policing Obama’s new bathroom policies.

  6. Not to give the liberal socialist any ideas I’m not surprised they haven’t come up with even more stupid taxes such as a carry out tax for restaurants and about anything else someone can dream up,

    $14M seems high but maybe that is what it is.

    I have a hunch his days are numbered as soon as an opponent steps forward to run against him. Just look at the streets and the condition they are in as an example.

  7. Hey Tommy! I mentioned to my therapist about you! She says you SHOULD be delighted to be able to stay on such an intelligent forum! And as for your Kansas quirk, you EVER been there??? Sunflowers and Flint Hills! Just WHAT B/N will be when Tari and the triple taxing triad get done with it, MAYBE they’ll let YOU join them! Meanwhile, I see CA had a good snow pack, you live on a flood plain?

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