I wonder who is in Germany?

The reader was back today (Friday).  Say hi everybody!

By:  Diane Benjamin

When traveling overseas trying to buy a company to replace Mitsubishi, you still have to know local news.  Reads from today:

germanyAt least Koos and company know where to find it!

8 thoughts on “I wonder who is in Germany?

      1. Oh, those multiple German companies planning to locate to B/N may not like some of the reporting which might contradict the picture presented by Koos and Hamm?!?


  1. Don’t read to much into that. In a matter of a few minutes, any person on the planet can route their internet through a VPN and spoof their home country IP address. In fact, as a proof of concept, I set mine to Germany. Now I appear to be in Frankfurt. And the flick of a switch, now i’m in Stockholm Sweden.

    Current location is Normal, IL


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