Breaking: Mitsubishi news

By:  Diane Benjamin

I have information from a VERY reliable source that the Mitsubishi plant is being sold to a liquidator.  They are taking possession of the plant on June 1st.

Since there are no current prospective buyers, any providers with equipment inside the plant is being asked to remove it before July 1st.

Since a liquidator probably is acquiring the plant cheap, maybe they will be more successful at finding a new owner than the local crew.



7 thoughts on “Breaking: Mitsubishi news

  1. That’s the talk that’s been going around. It’s not surprising, when the PREVIOUS blog shows that someone in Deutschland is reading this rather then out TRYING to sell the plant-just more “freebies” on OUR tax $$$$. Hope they enjoy a good meal while they are there. The Pantagraph should have a poll- WHO is the best at wasting taxpayer dollars Tari or Koos??

    1. The difference is Koos built Uptown and the citizens don’t know it isn’t paying for itself! Renner blatantly throws money away and openly creates taxes that everybody can see.

  2. Actually, a liquidator for something like this is often someone who tears the place down and sells for scrap, and then sells off the vacant land.

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    1. Tearing it down and selling for scrap would not surprise me. Mitsubishi has taken a big hit on the recent news about fudging mileage figures. They probably want to bail out and get what they can asap. I thought the scrap metal market was down due to China not doing so good.

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