ISU, Voting, and stupid Media

By:  Diane Benjamin

Same day voter registration was a stupid law and, contrary to what Democrats think, it’s not government’s job to make it work without any attempt to DUMP it.  Stupid laws with unintended consequences can’t be fixed.  It was never about increasing voting, it’s about getting uniformed to the polls.  Think ISU.

So the kids had to wait in long lines to vote last March.  Did they arrive when the polls opened at 7:00 am?  I bet the line was short then!  Was the County Clerk supposed to have 100 poll workers there just in case a lot of kids showed up?  Was Kathy Michael supposed to hire a fortune-teller to find out if they were all going to arrive at 5:00 pm?  6:30?

In November, if Kathy does have 100 poll workers and no kids show up, will the Dems on the County Board complain about wasting money?

Being a citizen comes with responsibility.  The kids thought they were “entitled” to fast service.  Voting isn’t ordering a hamburger at McDonalds.  They blamed government instead of themselves.  ISU was a no-win setup from the start.  It was impossible to predict the turnout and even more impossible to predict what time the kids might show up.  Since the vote went heavy for Bernie, it’s not surprising the kids thought they had “rights” not in the Constitution.  Also not surprising it happened on a college campus (another whole story).

The Pantagraph did their usual attack on Kathy.  Blame her, not the system.

Not surprising for the paper that praised Bloomington for raising Liquor License fees just because they could.  They forgot that roughly $700,000 the City is getting in gaming revenue for doing nothing.  I believe that’s way more the cost of police overtime Pantagraph.

Not surprising for the paper that also praised Bloomington’s Administrative Court where citizens are guilty before a trial.  If they pay the fine they don’t have to appear.  The rag also forgot that “buy local” crap – evidently Bloomington has no lawyers capable of running it.  More money needlessly sent to Springfield.

Maybe Bloomington should merge with Springfield instead of Normal!  They already get a lot of money from taxpayers.  Of course, last I heard ALL their City property tax goes to pensions, so maybe not.


You are welcome Kathy.

23 thoughts on “ISU, Voting, and stupid Media

  1. I wonder why a party of the people wants to restrict voting?

    Lol at another rambling ignorant post.

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  2. What is with the constant criticism of college students? There were long lines in 2004 and 2008. Even the college republicans complained. The polling station I went to had long lines also and most folks were already registered.

    Do you really have a dislike for young adults unless they are keeping their mouths closed? You seem to think any criticism they have is because of entitlement and immaturity.


    1. Personal responsibility isn’t required anymore. Showing up late in the day is their fault. Not every election has long lines. Government is supposed to read minds? Ditto for adults. I saw a polling place with lines out the door at 6:45. Open 12 hours and early voting isn’t good enough for people with limited brains.


      1. I seem to remember you writing about someone who incurred a fine for paying a use tax late. Amongst the reasons offered for paying late: it was around the holidays and somehow was forgotten. So is that the same as what these college students doing?


  3. There is NO checking of duplicate (fraudulent repeat) voting across state boundaries. NONE! A fraud, openly perpetuated by Democrat politicians, is to have college students vote on campus and also by absentee ballot at home. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands do this. Nice when the little basket weavers (takers) get 2 votes while hardworking taxpayers (makers) only get 1.`


  4. The ISU students have no right to vote in local elections. If they were truely engaged in doing their civic duty, they would have been registered back home. If you are really concerned bout being fair, explain to me how it is fair for a student that is here for a few years gets to impact the lives of people who have toiled and invested to make this community their permanent residence.


    1. I am pretty sure they do have the right regardless if they from outta town or here in BloNo. Also, this great story everyone is being told, the great fairytale if you will that voter fraud is rampant–is just that, a bedtime, scary story that politicians–namely Republicans and conservatives–tell each other so that they can blame their losses on anyone but themselves. If you think it’s college students perpetuating fraud, think again. Plenty of Repub and conservative operatives to share in the fun. But…ssshhh…we want people to think it’s liberals and democrats. Because only conservatives and republicans follow the law. Oh and I wonder how that will prevent voter fraud on absentee ballots. It doesn’t, because it is thought that Republicans are more likely to vote absentee. I think I see a trans gender using the women’s bathroom with a member of ISIS, a planned parenthood worker, and an illegal immigrant and Kim Jung Un. Probably because I just mentioned that, they will think of some dumb law.


      1. The Voter ID laws proving voter fraud voter fraud is rampant is the same nonsense used to justify the Bathroom Laws. It’s like building a wall around Bloomington because someone steals a car. Why don’t we ban the elderly from driving because there are a few accidents?


      2. Bull! I’ve poll watched Mike Madigans precinct. There are lots of stories of people getting caught voting numerous times. It would be easier to catchy them with Voter ID. Id’s are required for everything else, so the only reason NOT to require one is to promote voter fraud! Yeah, it’s building a wall around clean elections. Leftist can’t win if they are.


    1. I’d agree if they actually cared about their vote. When people vote to get their free stuff, they have no idea what voting really means or what it means to be free. Venezuela! Electricity is now available two days a week for government offices.


  5. Isn’t it great that McLean County is not only blessed to have Erik Rankin on the County Board, but he also doubles as a political science professor at ISU, indoctrinating young minds with the typical left wing talking points that make them victims in which “the system” is rigged against them? And by the way, the polls open at 6 am, not 7. Rankin’s ranting is just sickening and inexcusable. If students want to vote, get registered before the election, show up, cast your ballot for Sanders and shut the hell up.


  6. I read a number of opinions above, not to mention insults. What is being passed on is recognition of the rule – which as far as same day registration is the same for all. One must go and present ID and then be allowed to vote. The same rule, I believe, is true if an ISU or IWU student wants to register for class or go to a concert; go stand in line, present your ID and then you are allowed to register or buy tickets, if you are a legally identified student. Having done both, I can say the waits were at times very long. If the students can’t relate to that, can they relate to the hours they spent at Best Buy waiting for the Black Friday ‘special’. Probably in all of those cases, they were tweeting about how they got the classes they wanted, the front row tickets, or the widescreen tv for a $100; probably not insulting others for not being able to vote in 4 seconds or less. With that, I do commend Kathy and her staff for being patient, following the rules, and allowing all that wanted to vote to do so. Students, and Board members, need to remember that just because one doesn’t want to follow the rules, that is no excuse for not following them. There is a need to feel a personal sense of responsibility and accountability by all to respect those who administer the ‘right to vote’; remembering that ‘right’ only exists because of those who went before you to defend something that can easily be taken.


  7. Thanks Diane; you and I know that we haven’t always agreed on a number of things; but I appreciate your accurate reporting on this issue. I and my hard-working staff, have had a tough time with the very inaccurate reporting from the reporter at the Pantagraph, but no one promised me a rose garden, nor have I ever expected one. We were so proud of the job we did during his election, with no reports of long lines anywhere, except at ISU Bone Center and our office at the Government Center, where students were being car-pooled in the mid-afternoon. These complaints of waiting too long in line to vote, came three weeks after the election. Long lines were reported all across the State of Illinois.The new unfunded mandates from our Legislature will cost taxpayers a lot more money. We will continue to try to contain these cost and still provide a fair and honest election process. We do continue to strongly urge voters to Early Vote or request a ballot be mailed to them as this will be an epic election in November; the likes of which we may not see again. Kathy Michael-McLean County Clerk


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