Stanford shreds money

By:  Diane Benjamin

Less than 600 people live in Stanford.  It’s so tiny that understanding “limit government” should be easy.  I still don’t know why pitchforks and tar haven’t been deployed over dropping Danvers police patrols because “they couldn’t afford it”, and then hiring their own force for twice the cost.

Now see these minutes from the March 17, 2016 meeting:

Spending other people’s money is fun!  From the minutes:

Village Hall is working on disposal of records. Clerk Phillips has sent an application for the authority to dispose of local records and has ask to hire COPS shredding company to destroy and remove the records.

Trustee Pitcher moved, seconded by Trustee N. Owen to authorize Clerk Phillips to contact and schedule COPS Shredding Company to destroy the records, not to exceed $500.00.

    On roll call, the vote was:

AYES: 4- Trustees N.Owen, Miller, Bridgewater, and Pitcher.


ABSENT: 1- Trustee Smith

There being 4 affirmative votes the motion carried

Sure government destroys way too many trees with documents, but how many does a tiny town really have?  Did they consider investing in their OWN shredder?  A really nice one can be acquired for less than $500, then the cost would not be incurred again until it broke.

It would also give the bureaucrats something to do beside dream up ways to spend money.  Maybe they could hold a shredding party with the Board members taking turns.

One more question:

Why has a new Fire Chief not been appointed?  Josh Deterding quit in January 2015.  Nobody wants the job?  Appointing was on the agenda back in 2015.

State records still show Josh as Chief:

Fire Marshal Common Database Searcha.




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  1. Someone would have to be paid to shred the documents Diane. Their security before and after shredding has to be insured.

    You are too simple Diane.

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