Another letter the Pantagraph refused to print

Printed with permission from the writer:

—–Original Message—–
From: Terry/Dewi White
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 1:49 PM
To: Pantagraph Letters

Subject: Bloomington’s leaders, Infested with liberals.

As a lifelong resident of Bloomington, I’ve observed our cities leaderships has gotten progressively worse.

Our current leadership is infested with liberalism and if you don’t know what liberals do, they make your quality of life worse while raising taxes to get there.

Lately, our leaders have gotten rid of The Air and Corvette Shows while sticking the Arena down everyone’s throat even after the voters said no to the idea.
Liberals love diversity as long as it agrees with their thinking, when you don’t agree, they’ll change the rules, (i.e. challenging them at council meetings).

People, you have a college professor for your mayor with aldermen whose names I can’t pronounce.  Time to wake up!

How can they represent us when some are fairly new to the area, being born here (or close-by) should be a leadership requirement.

Bloomington’s went downhill the last 20 years, past mayor Judy Markowitz encouraged Cabrini Greeners to come here, now, some areas of town are unsafe.
Recently, mayor Renner says he has no problem with ISIS/muslims migrating to Bloomington.

In our household, we consider liberalism a mental disorder.

This next election vote these liberals out and flush them in the same manner you flush the toilet when it gets full, only vote.  In the end, the city will stink less and your taxes might go down.

One things for sure, if these Elites stay in office, it will only get worse as they’re constantly proposing new ways to tax you.

Vote and flush em.

from:   Terry White
Bloomington, Il.


Pantagraph response:

From: Pantagraph Letters < >
To: Terry/Dewi White
Sender: Karen Hansen < >
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:54:50 -0500
Subject: RE: Bloomington’s leaders, Infested with liberals.

I’m sorry but your letter has not been selected for publication.

Thank you.






27 thoughts on “Another letter the Pantagraph refused to print

  1. Way to go, Terry. It’s too truthful for the Pantagraph….you should be proud. It’s good to know there are more of us who feel the way we do. Liberalism is indeed a mental illness. I’ve always said if they want a liberal society…they can live literally anywhere else in the world……their ideas will not work here.


  2. I agree with the Pantagraph. This writer obviously is in junior high at best.

    This continued nonsense about liberals has to stop.

    You just look stupid.

    Jesus was a liberal.

    Sent from my iPhone

    > On Apr 29, 2016, at 9:34 AM, BLNNews wrote: > > > Respond to this post by replying above this line > New post on BLNNews > > > Another letter the Pantagraph refused to print > by web staff > Printed with permission from the writer: > >


    1. Oh Tom. You’re just reinforcing the fact that liberalism is a disease.

      And I love your Jesus reference. As if that carries any credibility with conservatives. We know who your gods are.

      Jesus DID say “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s….”

      Jesus did NOT say, “Give unto the short-man-syndrome professor with the Caesar-like personality complex.”

      Just to be clear.


  3. Teri is quite the racist as well. Too bad they can’t learn how to pronounce names.

    To bad Teri’s mom did not know how to spell.

    Sent from my iPhone

    > On Apr 29, 2016, at 9:34 AM, BLNNews wrote: > > > Respond to this post by replying above this line > New post on BLNNews > > > Another letter the Pantagraph refused to print > by web staff > Printed with permission from the writer: > >


  4. Wow Tom, you NEVER cease to amaze me, Jesus was a liberal! So, did you sit with Jesus at breakfast and when he passed the toast and you asked him what his political affiliation was, he told you “liberal”. At your next meal with him, ask him what he thinks of his buddy Judas! And of course the Pantagraph is not going to print that letter, it would terribly upset Tari and his lunchroom buddies. And we just CANNOT have that! Also Tom, since YOU live in California, you should know about liberals, they’re the folks around you and in the mirror in your bathroom. And NO NEED to panic folks, Tari is going to start having the potholes around town fixed soon! Yep! It’s gonna be ALL RIGHT! The liberals said so.


  5. How is this letter anymore intelligent than some person complaining about the Tea Party? Liberalism is a mental disorder? Sounds very Teri Rennerish without even trying. What is with the crack about names he can’t pronounce? I am sure he can pronounce Sage, Renner, Haumann, Painter, Black, Buragas, Schmit, Fruin. Oh I think I know who he is referring to. You can’t pronounce that person’s name and that is somehow a political issue?

    I agree that it should have been printed so it can be refuted for the alarming lack of thought it exhibits. Pantagraph probably did him a favor.

    By the way, Jesus wouldn’t approve this letter. Hate the sin, love the person. Rings any bells? Any of you who are justifying this conservative diatribe with Jesus need to ask for forgiveness on Sunday. Jesus loves us the same and that letter is not love. You don’t have to agree with everything but use a filter. He makes conservatives look like borderline virtue police.


    1. Tom brought Jesus into the discussion. Terry White was voicing his opinion in his letter to the editor–no sin in that. There is no need or place for attacking someone’s Mother or intelligence for sharing a point of view. Jesus constantly spoke with disapproval of the rulers of his day and even exhibited anger at times. I suggest leaving religious views out of the discussion and address the points presented in the post.


  6. I saw that letter. Now, does that mean that it’s OK for the “homies” to wear their mothers pants and underwear?? I guess it’s a SLOW news week at the downtown rag!


  7. The Pantywaste is all about controlling the narrative. Its the liberal media’s way! Liberals are ideologically driven and have no love for diversity of opinion. They are unconcerned with whether their desires for government are wanted by the voters. Their basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they ‘feel’ about it. If they think something ought to be this way or that, then they don’t care our opinion. It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. ~ Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels


      1. I often hear liberals parroting words to the effect that the communists & socialists are “left” wing, and the NAZIS are “right” wing. The mindset instilled into those who hear & believe this garbage is that tyranny is at both ends of the political spectrum; so the best place to be is right smack dab in the middle! You don’t know what is in the middle except that it involves not taking a position. This is an illustration of mass manipulation of a peoples’ belief system. It’s destructive and false because people believe there is no alternative to tyranny. The lie that NAZIS are “right wing” has been disseminated in order to deceive the unthinking liberal sheeple. Someone said recently that “anti-semitism is on the rise on the ‘far right’ as well as the left”. Sadly, it is true that anti-semitism is on the rise. But it is not on the rise among people who love our Founding Principles as set forth in our Declaration of Independence, and in the original intent of our Constitution. The German NAZIS and the American neo-NAZIS are NOT “far right”! “NAZI” is the acronym for “Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”. The literal English translation is, “national socialist German workers’ party”. The NAZIS were socialists left-wingers! They were “national” socialists, as contrasted with Marx & Engels who were “international” socialists. NAZIS have been called “far right” in order to sabotage the thinking of the American people. This is how the sabotage works: The Communists are “far left”. The NAZIS are “far right”. Gee! I better be in the middle – a moderate! So under this false model, both “extremes” are presented as bad. Only the moderate middle is good. And the best alternative [limited constitutional civil government] does not appear at all. The TRUTH is that collectivism with all its variants (communism, fascism, Fabian socialism, syndicalism, etc.) are all on the same side [collectivism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, terror, & government tyranny]. The distinctions between these variants are only minor and technical. The alternative to all of them is limited constitutional civil government – such as our Framers gave us. The above insight should be obvious to anyone who knows a bit of German or who can think. Which I know leaves you two out….


  8. Perhaps we should use socialism instead of liberalism. God is against socialism. He mentions debt in the Bible over 2,000 times and the Bible states in Proverbs 22:7″… that the borrower is slave to the lender.” With all the debt America has incurred right now, we definitely are losing our freedoms by the minute! Socialism is about wanting what the other person has and that is called coveting which God states in the commandments that we should not covet. And when you take something wrongly, that is stealing & government can steal from the people.

    God is against welfare. “Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10 NLV. That goes along with the Chinese Proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” There is nothing wrong with the four letter word called work.

    Our Founding Fathers were very wise when they drafted The Constitution of the US because the foundation of its principles came from the Bible. I learned that to be a Good Patriot, one should read the Bible daily and know The Constitution & it is so sad that most people are doing neither of these. We have drifted so far from both God & The Constitution and that is why we are in the mess we are in! An awesome DVD is “Divorcing God: Secularism & The Republic.” “A good read is the 5000 Year Leap!”
    Learn your history, socialism has never worked. Learn why America succeeded when no other form of government ever did! My suggestion to those who like socialism—move to a country where there is socialism, don’t rob me of my freedoms!


      1. You answered my question Dave. Guess no matter how much rightist ideologies exist in Nazism, you focus on a piece of advertising to broaden its appeal–Socialism.


  9. Mikey and the truth are strangers… he likes to make up his own facts. I notice you don’t refute any of my FACTS…. loser! Ridicule doesn’t win debates in the real world, only in the dark recesses of a liberal’s mind. Hahahahaha!


    1. I didnt have to refute any facts because you answered my question that you think Nazism is a leftist ideology. If you want me to refute:

      I dunno, do you think North Korea is democratic? It has Democratic in the name you know!

      Hey Dianne, planning on running for another office? You gonna blame the establishment when if lose? Or the citizens for not being informed?


  10. The fact the Pantagraph refused to print Terrys letter is no surprise to me. Over the past 5 years I have submitted 56 letters to the editor to the Pantagraph. Of those 56 submissions 31 were printed while 25 were denied for litany of excuses. It did not take long to determine the main reason for many of the rejections was that my letters were critical of local leadership and the Pantagraph itself. That said, it is nice to have an alternative forum to have our voices heard. Terry and myself are only two of who knows how many people who have had their opinions stifled by the Pantagraph. Thanks to Diane Benjamin for providing a forum for us and it is time for we the people to ride our local legislators to pass legislation that will prohibit college students from voting in local elections. These people pay nothing in property taxes, very few pay and service fees or utility taxes. Their vote counts as much as ours even though many of them are gone after one semester. When you consider how narrowly Renner won his election, the difference can be attributed too the number of Wesleyan students who were allowed to vote. The same can be said for local council seats as in the case of Amelia Buragas who has many Wesleyan students in her ward. This is of course only my opinion but I am sick and tired of temporary residents who have no skin in the game to have the power to stick permanent residents with elected officials that keep raising taxes and wasting money. Keep trying Terry as will I and I hope many others to get our opinions to the Pantagraph subscribers (the list of course that keeps dwindling).


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