Is Tari buying votes?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph sells papers by printing feel good stories complete with heart-grabbing pics.  The objects get their names in print and therefore buy copies for family and friends.  If some actual news was mixed in they would sell a lot more, but they can’t afford investigative reporting.  (Or they chose not to)

Is Tari doing the same thing to garner votes?  Is he taking Council time for feel good stories to sell himself?

Below are “proclamations” from next Monday’s Council meeting and the two previous ones.

The Council voted to delay Public Comment until after Proclamations, Appointments, etc.  The Council thinks the people being honored shouldn’t have to sit through hearing from other citizens.

Every one of the below requires a representative or two to come forward and listen to Tari speed-read a document which is then presented to the reps.  How much staff time do those docs take Tari?  I remember when you really wanted to limit public comment because it took too much time.

The sheer volume of these proclamations now diminishes the importance of all of them, just like the credibility of the Pantagraph has been diminished for doing the same thing.  Does the public see through Tari’s pandering?  They do with the Pantagraph!


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