David Hales gets a raise!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night:

halesThat’s a 2.3% increase.

Yep, the structural deficit worsens because government employees get what the people paying the bills don’t.

Last year Hales earned $239,274.54 when benefits are added to his base pay.  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=5443

I wonder what the vote was.  Considering many recent Closed Sessions (Secret Meetings) have featured “personal” as the topic, the raise is retroactive, and Hales is the only employee of the Council – maybe some members delayed a decision by standing up for citizens.

Of course, we will never know.  Under Tari, the Council votes to not release the minutes of their secret meetings.  All we know is Hales was “deemed competent”.

It appears the packet documentation has some dates wrong:

hales2Retro pay wouldn’t apply if the current contract expires NEXT year.


Evidently the Council doesn’t care that Hales never verified the City was getting paid their share of concessions at the Coliseum.

The new contract expires July 11, 2018.









  1. Concerned says:

    Well at least he is making more than Carl Olsen now!


  2. Hales failed many of his responsibilities. The Coliseum is just one. But with VenueWorks as new management, he along with the Mayor are viewed as the heroes.


  3. Back to the Salt Mines says:

    He should be paid a percentage of his salary in “Bloomington Bucks.” Akin to DBA’s or McChamber’s “Buy Local” dollars. Call it scrip, if you will. Vouchers that can only be spent in Bloomington area establishments. Thank you very much.


  4. Back to the Salt Mines says:

    Here’s an alternative . . . pay your property tax to Bloomington in Bloomington Downtown Dollars. Show your support of Main Street. Pay with vouchers issued by the City.


  5. Hales is competent? What Bozo decided that? He’s the biggest “micro-manager” there is. Back To the Salt Mines. I like your ideal, but WE can take it one step further and not do business with ANY of the eateries that Hales, Renner, cronies eat at on our dollar, and when the business gets down to those few, MAYBE the business owners will not serve them, so they’ll have to take a bag lunch lunch to work, like the people PAYING their lunch tabs! Places like Rosies, Reality Bites, Jimmy Johns , Panera, etc.


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