Pension scam continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Sick Leave Buy Back policy continues to kick Bloomington taxpayers.  Hales gets a huge raise without fixing the abuse.  Yes David Sage and crew, the Budget Task Force was a joke!

It’s way to difficult for your elected “public servants” to look overpaid employees in the eye and tell them SPIKING PENSIONS is over.

Monday night the Council will approve paying even more to the retirement fund because City employees think they are entitled to lavish retirements at your expense.  Flush another $76,780.63 away!








  1. Another failure due to Hales, As I remember, the Council was to revisit the accelerated payment policy a few months after the $300,000.00 Emily Bell fiasco reported by the Chicago Tribune. Hales and the Mayor control the agenda so there is a slim chance that topic will ever resurface.


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